Great story Bro, but where did the bullet come from that they found in her jaw bone?
Keith Welnicke

Keith, with all due respect, police were in possession of Avery’s .22 for four months prior to miraculously finding a single bullet in March of 2007. If they found one, where’s the other one? The forensic anthropologist testified that in her scientific opinion, Teresa Halbach was shot at least twice in the head. This also was a bullet, mind you, that contained no conclusive DNA on it in a garage without a speck of blood or any other other foreign DNA anywhere in it. Anyone familiar with the science of high velocity blood splatter would tell you that there’s no way a man of Steve Avery’s aptitude could make every speck of blood from a point blank range murder of a human being disappear. It’s simply not possible and yet the police, lab technicians, DAs, or anyone involved in the prosecution of Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey can’t explain this. At the end of the day, no one has the answer to the question of, “Where’s all the blood and other DNA matter?” The only place her blood is found is in her own vehicle, which was conveniently parked on the far outskirts of the Avery’s salvage yard, where anyone could have left it. You know the only reason why anyone makes the accusation of police misconduct in this case is because the biggest elephant in the room at the end of the trials is still the unanswered question of “Where’s all the blood?” Whether you believe either of the two bullshit theories/stories the prosecution is allowed to use conveniently and respectively in the two separate trials, the question still remains, “Where’s all the blood?” There’s none in Steve’s trailer, where they say both Steve and Brendan killed Teresa in his bedroom (Brendan’s trial), and there’s none in the garage where they say Steve shot and killed her (Steve’s trial). In either scenario, they say Teresa’s body was burned on October 31st. If that’s the truth, how is it that the only place they find any of her blood or hair or other DNA is inside her vehicle? Why or when was it possible to place her body in the back of her vehicle in the short time between the alleged murder and the time the fire is lit? The timing and circumstances just don’t make sense. Further, if Mr. Avery is so capable of cleaning up all that DNA evidence in his trailer and garage, where arguably it would be in greater volumes, why is he not capable of cleaning it in the vehicle? Additionally, if Mr. Avery is smart enough and capable enough to eliminate every speck and trace of DNA evidence on his property, why is he not smart enough to crush her vehicle into a small pile of metal, using the crusher on his property and get rid of it. He would have had the evening of the 31st to Nov. 3 to do that, a far easier task in my opinion then sanitizing his entire property to perfection. There’s just too many unanswered questions that leads to more than reasonable doubt, it leaves me and obviously the makers of “Making a Murderer” with substantial doubt.