The Quest

This past weekend I went to Savannah, Georgia which is where I went to university at. Since I live in Augusta, the ride was the same ride I have been taking since 2013 when I first started school. I left my house around three and got to Savannah around five. Nothing was really different about my drive, except for the fact that it took me exactly two hours to get there, it normally takes like 2 and a half hours to get there. I went to see my friends because I technically have been out of school since May and I haven’t really seen them since. The trip was the usual “I came to visit Savannah” trip. I got there Thursday. We went to campus and hung out in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, like we would do during the regular semester. The next day, Friday, majority of my friends had to work so I hung out with my friends Melaijah and Moe. The first place we went to was for Nashia Whittenburg, the director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, going away lunch at Mrs. Wilkes. I didn’t eat there because I am cheap and the food was $22, cash only. So, we went to happy hour at Jalapenos and just had a great time. That night when all of my friends got off of work we went to Applebees happy hour. That was probably some of the most fun I had all Summer. As we sat around, we joked and ate with each other. I really needed that release, because ever since I graduated all I do is work and never have time for myself. The next day, which was Saturday, me, Maurice, Jalen, and Diamond all went downtown Savannah. The girls ate at Wet Willies and the boys ate at some pizza place down there. After we ate, we walked around and started shopping. That was a big mistake, I can always count on Diamond to let me spend money I don’t really have on something I don’t really need. The shades were cute though. That night we went downtown again to go out. It was kind of boring, and my shoes hurt my feet so much. That night when I got back to Diamond’s apartment, I watched Power before I went to bed. Her little boy toy came over so I was lonely. The next day, which was my last day there, me and Diamond went to eat brunch at The Diner on Abercorn and Eisenhower. After brunch, we were supposed to go to the beach but I needed to finish my arts and crafts and get back on the road, because I started a new job Monday. During the entire trip, I was reading a new book to me off the app Wattpad. The book is called “Trust isn’t the only issue” by its_imani. It’s the second book in her series. It’s a really good book that has a lot about relationships.

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