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Hello lovely people! Welcome to Bristol Fitness Mum — a one-stop shop for women who want to find out about all things fitness related going on in the wonderful city of Bristol.

Ok, sounds good, but… “Who are you and why are you doing this?” I hear you ask.

Well, I’m Gaby, a mum of three who is fast approaching my 40th birthday (eek!) I have a small obsession with lycra, neon and trainers in no particular order. I’ve always been fit and active but following injury last year I’ve had to re-think my fitness routine. Let me explain…

I have always been a very keen runner. It began at school with cross-country and athletics and while most of my friends couldn’t bear the thought of going for a run, I looked forward to it as my favourite part of the day. This passion stayed with me through university and many relocations and the arrivals of my three children. Running was my one consistent thing in the sea of life’s changes, my “me time” and my chance to unwind and relax and let off steam.

I could honestly have seen myself happily pounding the pavement or the treadmill for miles and miles without anything bad happening for the rest of my life. This, however was not to be…

Last year I suffered a knee injury. Nothing major, just some cartilage damage, but it did prevent me from running for a good few months. Not being able to run was a terrible blow and it really affected me both mentally and physically.

As I am fast approaching my 40’s (did I already mention that?) I realised it was time to take stock, woman up and reassess my fitness routine. I kept hearing how life begins at 40 and I certainly didn’t want to hit the starting line with a dodgy knee! So, I decided that mixing it up is the key. Why not turn my bad luck into a positive and make the most of it, get out there and try something new?

With that in mind, I began to look into different types of classes available in Bristol. Don’t get me wrong, I know this city is awesome. I assumed there would be a lot of choice out there but nothing prepared me for the myriad of choice literally going on right under my nose. I took the plunge, tried some classes out and found that I started to have loads of fun.

It occurred to me that if I haven’t been making the most of the fitness opportunities Bristol has to offer chances are there are a lot of other women in Bristol who haven’t either. We all have hectic, busy lives and very little time to sit and research all our options. And there you have it, the idea of Bristol Fitness Mum was born!

My aim is to be a useful and inspirational health and fitness resource for Bristol women and a celebration of life in Bristol. Somewhere that you can go to find out about new fitness classes and what to expect when you go there.

I consider myself to be pretty fit, but even so the thought of trying out a new class was, and still is, properly scary. What would the class be like? Would I like it? Would everyone else be super fit with a 6 pack? Would I make a fool of myself? And most importantly, what on earth should I wear?! Think of me as a local health and fitness guinea pig if you like (strange image I know).

But I don’t want this to be a one sided conversation. I would love to hear about your favourite places/classes to work out. Where do you love to go locally for healthy, nutritious food? Bristol Fitness Mum is about sharing our passion for fitness, healthy eating and our love of living in Bristol and inspiring each other.

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Love, Gaby xxx

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