Situational Humor is a Mixture of Hyperbole, Irony and Satire

britania herold
Dec 28, 2016 · 3 min read

In the last article, we looked at some types of humor that is prevalent as a form of entertainment throughout history. In the following article, we will be looking at more humors, different types of it that is prevalent in books, newspapers, internet, internet media, films and what not. Humor’s objective always is to give entertainment to people. It acts as a mood lifter for many. However, humor is also a way by which people can be taunted and hurt. Friendship, relationships and everything that involves commitment requires the person to have a good sense of humor. And therefore, there must be humor in it for everything to stay well and positive. The other different types of humor are:


Hyperbole generally means overdoing. Thus, hyperbolic humors are comical presentations that are marked by every overdone or extravagant expressions. This in other words are exaggerations and more than necessary characterization by anything. Hyperbolic humor or comedy was very much popular in the Shakesperean times. William Shakespeare wrote many plays that were full of hyperbole. Generally, at that time, they were known as slapstick comedy. Everyone might recall Three Stooges — a classic TV series shown in the 1900’s. That type of comedy is hyperbolic comedy.

The question is how is it necessary in daily life? Hyperbolic comedy can be done when a person does something lame or something that needs a change of taste. That will make it funny. However, doing a hyperbolic comedy is not feasible at all times.


Irony generally means to say something else and mean the opposite. From all the types of humor that is there, irony is very stinging and harsh. It involves an incongruity with discordance against norms. The intended meaning is completely opposite and it is like saying a good man is a bad person while a bad man is a good person. Ironic humor is used amongst friends and peers. It is never and should never be used in a situation that involves the general public. Ironic humor can be extremely hurtful at times.

Usually, ironic humor is an utterance that always has a double meaning to it. It is often said by friends in a situation with friends that where the listener is of two types. One type is the one who will understand the meaning and the other type is the one who will not understand the meaning.

Juvenile or Sophomoric

This is usually childish humors involving pranks. Often seen in YouTube videos, different types of prank videos are there with different types of pranks. Similarly, this humor is for those who want to experiment and put in actual physical effort to make someone laugh or make them feel dumb. It is an immature way but it still is humor!


This is a satirical form of humor which involves a comic imitation that is intended to mimic someone. The mimicry is actually to ridicule the author, artist etc. and thus this form of humor is usually done as a performance. If you are planning to do a humorous performance in a friendly gathering, trying doing a parody!


This form of humor is the known as the earliest form of humor to have ever existed. From the time of Greeks and even before Aristotle, satirical humors have existed and still exist today. Satires are usually done in form of stage performances like plays. In it, actors act and mock simple but essential topics like human weakness. They even criticize different aspects of the society that they think should change for the better of the human race.

Screwball and Situational

This type of humor deals with very unlikely situations and what response might occur in such situations. Screwball is just like farcical or hyperbolic humor and involves exaggerations throughout.

Situational humor is the most popular humor these days. One TV show that everyone might recall is “Friends” and “Two and a Half Men”. These two are perfect examples of situational comedy that humor happening on the situation and in a situation. Such type of humor has farce, screwball, slapstick, irony and a mixture of all the different types of humor that is there.

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