Dear CSU Psychology Staff and Students

I am sure that you are familiar with the psychology clubs, organizations and events that take place at CSU such as Psi Chi. As a transfer student to Cleveland State, I am not as informed as upper classmen or even freshman. Cleveland State University had been my dream school since I began High school, but a minor setback had me going to The University of Akron for a semester. I knew that I was going to be transferring to Cleveland state in the spring, so I didn’t bother getting to comfortable at UA. I was elated when I found I was going to CSU, but as a transfer student during the middle of the year, I was not given the same warm welcome that was given to CSU freshman that started in the fall. I am not the only new CSU student that feels this way. It is our job as CSU staff and students of the Psychology department to make second semester transfer students feel just as welcome as those who started their CSU journey in the fall. I take a stand and say that the psychology department at CSU should provide more accommodations to transfer psychology students such as welcoming events and ongoing clubs to acclimate students into the program and the school.

When I attended Transfer student orientation the week before attending CSU, I was so excited to finally feel like a part of the CSU family. I was very upset that there was not a similar event within each major dedicated to new transfer students in the program. I know how hard it is being a freshman going off to college for the first time in the fall, not really knowing what is going to happen. You are afraid that you won’t fit in or make friends, but there is freshman orientation and activities fairs that cater to the new student. Then once second semester comes around, you have made some friends and now feel like you have made this place your home. Imagine making friends and finally getting somewhat comfortable at another school that you didn’t particularly like, then you transfer to the school of your dream, but now once again you are new. Mostly everyone has made friends over the past few months, and maybe you have a class with people that shared a class last semester and now they are best friends, whatever the case, you must go out of your way to make friends again. There are not a lot of new transfer students, so it wouldn’t be that hard to put something together through social media. Maybe organize breakfast for some psychology staff and students the first day back from winter break, or an event on the first Friday evening the first week back with pizza and a movie? These are some ideas to think about.

Throughout the year, it is also important to further implement transfer student in what is going on within the psychology program at CSU. First year and transfer students don’t have as much accessibility to clubs or organizations. Why not create our own? Create a club that meets throughout the semester and allows people to get more comfortable and make more friends they keep throughout their journey here at Cleveland State. It would be quite pointless to hold a “Welcome Psychology Transfer Students” event and then never talk to these people again. It is important to create a community where we all share similar interests, such as psychology, but we can branch off and share all our diversities as well. When I was transferring here I did everything that I could to look on Facebook to see if anyone was holding a small get together or even coffee, just so I could make some friends. Let’s make the transfer easier for students, let’s make leaving all their friends and comfortability a little easier by meeting as a group once a month or so to talk, eat and just get to know each other. It doesn’t have to be anything formal, just a group of people hanging out and having fun.

I understand that this may be a lot to ask from some people. Considering that there are not that many transfer students second semester, and the chance that there is a psych major in the bunch is even more slim, but that Is why it is so important to reach out and come together. It is not impossible to organize a small get together through the technology that we have today, but I am also aware that college students and professors have very busy schedules and the last thing on their minds is meeting for coffee on a Monday morning with a bunch of students that would rather be somewhere else, and the 3 transfer students that are making such a big deal out of it. I know this idea may so stupid or unworthy, but I assure you that it will make a difference in the lives of the students who are still trying to figure their way around CSU.

I am very proud to be a student at Cleveland State University and I am glad to have found a major that I am passionate about as well. That is why I am asking everyone who Is a proud student or staff member of CSU, whether it be in the psychology department or the biology department, to reach out to the transfer students in their programs. It is important to include every student in the most engaging learning experience possible. So, create a welcoming event for transfer students, or a club that meets once a month. Let me know if you have any suggestions, we can make this possible. Go Vikings!