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News consumption varies based on every individual and their background as well as current factors in their life. It is all about how they grew up consuming information as well who they are currently spending time around in their present lives, and the conversation taking place within small groups of people who surround them daily.

It is completely possible that some may completely rely on others to feed them their current news day-to-day and not even set out to find news themselves.

Here is a small group of four ladies, three of which are working moms, and one male who shared their input on what their day looks like in relation to consuming anywhere from local to global news and everything in between.

Angela is married and a mom to 2 children and works at an elementary school. Angela is 37 years old and an avid instagram user as well as a fitness addict! When asked where she receives the bulk of her news from she replied:

“ I stay up to date on current events by turning on NewsWatch 12 in the mornings and in the evenings when I get home from work, usually around the time I am making dinner to have something on in the background. My staff room at work also has people that bring up current events and so sometimes I will Google what they are talking about.”

When asked if she ever uses her social media to get her news from, she said “Nope, no current events for me on social media”.

Kelly on the other hand, has no children and is a caseworker. Kelly lives far away from her family, so, she keeps her life updated on facebook pretty frequently.

“I watch the world news at 6 on channel 5, then followed by the local news. I read mail tribune in the mornings, and then check stock markets in about mid morning.” said Kelly.

Kelly also made a point to say that is about it for general news because the rest of her day is dedicated to keep up with Justin Bieber on Instagram.

Kristina and Sam are both mothers as well, and they are both in the early 40’s. Sam is a hair stylist and a trainer. Kristina is a freight broker and a home renovator. They both have very similar lifestyles, yet their jobs cause them to have very different opinions and news habits.

Kristina has a very strict schedule with her news consumption.

“I get into the office and turn on fox news in the back ground while I work. I then check in with yahoo for my stocks and then I go straight to daily mail for all my current events.” When I asked about social media, Kristina said that is only for personal life and her home renovating page, no news.

Meanwhile, Sam says she doesn’t branch out at all to look for news. Her line of work requires her to be with client after client all day 5–6 days a week and that is how she is fed all of her news.

“Honestly this may sound crazy but I see so many different clients all ages that I get all of my news and facts about politics and just about everything else happening in the world from them!” said Sam. She also does not use any social media for news consumption.

Byron is a freight broker as well, and seems to follow the theme of no news from social media. He is in his late 40’s and has three kids.

“ I get the news from a couple different venues, mainly the internet and TV and then occasionally news apps on my phone. Mostly what I read about or listen to are current events and political stories. I watch quite a few historical documentaries as well.” said Byron.

The ages interviewed ranged from 36 to almost 50. According to this graph showing percents on TV, internet, and mobile phone use, the numbers match up very well with those interviewed. Looking at the graph the consumption of Computer use increased from baby boomers generation to generation X and then decreased again with the millennial's. Mobile phone use slowly increased between baby boomers and generation X and then nearly doubled with the youngest generation. TV, not surprisingly, has been in a slow decline.