50 Irish (and Irish-American) Characters to Use in Ads Instead of “Drunk Person.”

You people are unimaginative. So I did the work for you.

Brit McGinnis
Mar 1, 2018 · 3 min read
  1. Guy wearing a cap.
  2. Woman wearing a sweater cape.
  3. In fact, anyone with a solid sweater game.
  4. Protective dad.

5. Gamers (second only to Japan in numbers!)

6. Pro-choice activists.

7. Pro-choice activists who call their pro-life mom once a week to check in.

8. Introverts who practice self love via The Irish Goodbye.

9. Cursing-Keeps-You-Young Guy.

10. Any older gent in the corner with a lot to say, really.

11. Girl who protests too much, i.e. “I just cleaned your new house to be nice!”

12. Breathy drag queen.

13. Person who gives side-eye when you order a cocktail at the bar, as opposed to a “real drink.”

14. Cartoonist who takes on hard subjects in adorable ways.

15. Mom that always has homemade bread in the house.

16. Fans of puns, especially about bread.

17. People who’ve actually read that giant classic book you’ve been meaning to get to.

18. People who grew up eating Weetabix with nothing in it. It’s a wholesome breakfast biscuit, why muck it up with fruit?

19. Person who doesn’t eat for days in preparation for a food challenge. #dedicated

20. The mom who never gave up.

21. Priests who have no time for your sh*t.

22. Anyone too polite to correct anyone.

23. Tom Jones fans.

24. The dad that is RIGHT and won’t move no matter what.

25. Government officials who love giving money to weird experimental films.

26. People who write oddly human-sounding social media copy.

27. Gossips. Every gender, no matter what county they’re from.

28. “I don’t care if I’m famous, I have to do a trad song or else I’m not a real musician” musician.

29. People who own one leather jacket and baby it forever.

30. Person who *actually* quit smoking like they said they would.

31. Men who wear thin-framed glasses (WHY does this trend persist?).

32. Men who aren’t afraid of wearing suits with plaid-style striping.

33. Irish dancers who are desperate to keep it alive at any cost (for good reason!).

34. People (mostly men) who bust out the native Celtic to impress people of the desired gender.

35. The most poker-faced pranksters ever.

36. Genuinely talented person who downplays everything they’ve done. “Oh, well thank you very much.”

37. LGBT rights fighters who make arguments based in logic.

38. People who go for walks to sort out problems.

39. Weirdly sexual grandmothers.

40. Anyone not the least uncomfortable with nuns living among them.

41. Hester Prynne IRL.

42. Radio host who sounds like he’s talking to you while smoking a pipe next to a roaring fire.

43. Eternal ice cream fans.

44. Woman who falls in love with a PTSD-ridden soldier.

45. Slightly pathetic entrepreneur.

46. Anyone of any gender with a booming laugh.

47. Guy who slips and falls on the evening news.

48. “You aren’t covering the snow right! Also: OMG SNOW.”

49. Anyone with a very strong opinion on the Cork vs. Dublin debate.

50. “FUCK YOUR RACIST SHIRTS” guy. (Ride on, Kevin Westley!)

Now can we do Saint Patrick’s Day ads right? Please?

Brit McGinnis

Written by

Copywriter and CEO of Black Bow Communications. Author of several books. Host of the You’re Not Helping podcast. Tips and leads: @BritMcGinnis

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