The Next Big Audience For Podcasts.

Brit McGinnis
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I have a podcast, and I do special marketing stuff for podcasts.

But I’m terrified for the future of podcasts. And not just because certain podcast networks are shitting the bed.

We probably hit Peak Podcasts about a year ago. Now anyone and everyone you know has a podcast. At last count, there are 700,000 different podcasts out there.

There are so many podcasts that almost everyone you know is listening to podcasts. As in half of all homes in America listen to podcasts, and those people are wealthy.

If you’re a podcaster, this should worry you.

Yes, there’s more people listening than ever. But what are you going to do to make sure your audience keeps growing? Is your only option to keep plugging away at the podcast-saturated, fickle AF audience we’re all competing for?


You need to be looking toward people who don’t like podcasts at all.

Podcasts are likely only going to grow in popularity as the tech to enjoy and create podcasts becomes more accessible. If people get wealthy enough to enjoy smartphones and smart speakers, the natively curious audience will grow.

But those people will be swamped with options. Why would they choose you when they could check out hundreds of thousands other podcasts? What makes you so special?

So forget about them for a second. In fact, forget about appealing to the typical podcast fan.

Think about the average person looking for information on the Internet.

If you have a podcast about action movies from the 80s, you will obviously have to do things like include the names of the movies you mention in the episode in your episode title. That’s so anyone searching for anything to do with Rambo or Alien can find you. Basic, right?

Take that principle and extend it out to your web presence. If anyone was looking for anything to do with Rambo on the general internet, would they find you?

If not, you’re not doing this right.

In my business, I do blogifications for podcasts. They’re episode summaries 2.0, including backlinks and keywording just like other pieces of high quality online content. They’re designed so that the information that can come from a podcast episode is also available to someone who claims not to like podcasts.

Podcasts are entertaining. But we’re entering a place and time where it’s not enough to be entertaining.

A podcast has to be useful to grow it’s audience. And while it may be easy and seemingly worth it to cater to the people already in tune with podcasts and their language, it will not be worth it for long.

Be useful even to people who hate the format, and your audience will grow beyond the format’s limitations.

Brit McGinnis

Written by

Copywriter and CEO of Black Bow Communications. Author of several books. Host of the You’re Not Helping podcast. Tips and leads: @BritMcGinnis

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