Your “Time Off” is Your Real Life.

And it’s not optional.

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You know that time you spend at home or out when you’re not working, not doing chores, and not running errands?

That’s your life.

Whatever you spend doing that time, that’s your life. That is how you’re choosing to spend your precious life and time on this planet.

This is not “time off.”

“Time off” implies that you’re not on. This makes sense for work terminology. You’re “off” work.

But workaholism isn’t just a content trend from 2018. It’s still a chronic problem that’s killing people.

Personally, I blame the normalisation of workaholism for the rash of discussion about time off.

(Though to be fair, American companies have a long and sordid history of

Of course, the assholery of Buzzfeed has also put time off at the forefront of people’s minds. If you’ve accrued paid time off, are you entitled to the money from that imaginary paid time you’re owed?

The answer is yes. Because time off is real life.

Working is not the default.

It’s something humans need to do to achieve purpose in life, yes. If you don’t have a purpose and a task to make yourself useful, you’ll end up a worse version of yourself.

But working is not your default state of being. You were not made to work all the time and not enjoy the reward.

You were made to work and rest.

You were made to cook food and also eat it.

You are meant to make hay and also enjoy the sunshine.

If you believe that your work is your sole purpose for existence, you are doomed.

You are condemning yourself to the life of an automaton, something that needs to be in motion regardless of their destination. Such a being as that does not have the freedom and the creativity of a human being.

The world will tell you differently. This is because the world is full of people who make money off of telling others to be automatons. There is a lot of incentive to keep people in thsi holding pattern.

But it’s not true.

Sorry, but your work life is just that. Your life at work. That’s it.

So no, you’re not selfish to want days off to see your kid or your dog or a sunset. It’s selfish if you are depriving others of their life by doing so. But not wanting to be a workaholic does not make you a freak.

It makes you someone who wants their life.

Also known as: Being alive.

Brit McGinnis

Written by

Copywriter and CEO of Black Bow Communications. Author of several books. Host of the You’re Not Helping podcast. Tips and leads: @BritMcGinnis

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