Brit + Co’s Next Chapter

Brit Morin

Every startup has its own unique journey, and today is the beginning of another new evolution at Brit + Co.

It’s not news that the media industry has been challenging, especially for independent, digital publishers with advertising-centric models.

While Brit + Co has always had diverse revenue streams across advertising, e-commerce, classes, and ticketed events, we have not been immune to the struggles of the industry. That said, our brand is bigger than ever; our cross-network distribution remains in the hundreds of millions of unique users per month and our pageviews to date have broken over one trillion. All of this is why we believe that, in this transformative moment in the media industry, we must streamline our operations to double down on our biggest business opportunities yet.

As we reboot the company for the next chapter, it unfortunately means we have had to make some tough choices in downsizing the team. This is one of the hardest things to do as a founder and I have nothing but admiration for the people who have brought to life our mission of encouraging women to be creative and confident in pursuing their passions.

I’ve worked in media for the last decade and can say with confidence that the next generation of media companies will be largely different than the past. With mass media consolidation, the evolving role of human brands and influencers, and new cross-platform revenue opportunities finally emerging, it is becoming clear that the old model no longer works. The next model will see larger media conglomerates continuing to serve advertising and streaming services at scale, while smaller publishers may begin to look more like direct to consumer brands: brokering distribution deals with larger platforms; launching subscription services; and bolstering ad revenue with e-commerce, licensing deals and other consumer services.

As with any technological revolution, it’s safe to say that the entire industry is shifting its model as we all head into the future. With today’s move, Brit + Co is commemorating the last eight years and ready to embrace the next.

Brit Morin

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Wife to Dave. Mom to Ansel and Austin. Founder and CEO of Brit + Co. In that order.

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