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7 People with the Most Valuable Conversation

No small talk, the list commences…

1. Robert Frank

CNBC Reporter and Editor, now host of Secret Lives of the Rich and Famous

Out of the many languages Robert could potentially be fluent in, it’s for certain wealth. His trade of literature and knowledge of riches deems him to be the go-to in journalism and media when it comes to wealth and riches

2. Billionaire PA

entrepreneur, Owner of Wealthy Minds, Inc.

After seeing his Tide commercial on YouTube, I was inspired and quickly Tweeted one of his speech lines: “Do you know how crazy you have to be to call yourself a Billionaire when you’re broke?!”. His goal of reaching 1 billion people with his message of “Speak Your Dreams into Existence” is definitely a refreshing approach to wealth. By the way, his conversation greeting and salutation is “wealth”.

3. Oprah Winfrey

media entrepreneur, actress and producer

You hardly hear her mention money BUT all the time, the focus is people. She is known for two things: her conversation and her wealth.

4. John D Rockefeller, Sr.

oil industry and business tycoon

He believed he was divinely called to wealth with principles of a spiritual kingdom. His faith in God and his contribution to community (50 cents on EVERY dollar he made) sustained his wealth and still has a stamp on modern economies (and the sure reason monopolies are illegal).

5. Solomon (of the Holy Bible)

a King of Israel

His desire for knowledge and understanding gained him the most wealth of all time. His knowledge included one skill that few know: playing chess with people. His goodness to his wives and concubines earned him trust and seats next to their Fathers who were kings and rulers of lands.

6. Cleopatra

a Pharaoh of Egypt

Quite well known even in modern times, she smoozed with her words and ability to manipulate heavy economic decisions. Although her net worth peaked at 95.8 billion, she was indebted to many foreign leaders of funds that maintained the conflict she stirred.

7. Aliko Dangote

commodity entrepreneur

A modern day tycoon with a wealth that is considered the largest in Africa and equals over 2% of Nigeria’s GDP. Not only is he smart with money, but he plays no games with his time: if you are ONE minute late to a meeting with him, he leaves without notice.

These individuals had many routes to what myself and many others consider wealth. What is even better? Those that have passed still has a heavy fingerprint on modern economies and those that are still breathing are steady at it with no talk of retiring.

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