32 in 32.

Photo by 贝莉儿 NG

Happy May! I always have fond memories of the month of May, especially on May 1st. As a little girl in Hawaii, May Day (or Lei Day) is always celebrated, and in full Hawaiian spirit, I have decided to celebrate May! I turn 32 on May 22nd, and am holding myself accountable to pursuing 32 things in my 32nd year.

Here’s my list of 32 things to accomplish in my 32nd year around the sun. Join me!

  1. Maintain health + wellness (eating lean, clean, and green, GF + dairy free)
  2. Yoga + Meditation — Daily, even if for 15 mins
  3. Build Ocean & Arrow
  4. Practice gratitude (gratitude journaling)
  5. See my family more
  6. Go to Paris
  7. Advance professionally
  8. Listen more
  9. Face 5 of my biggest fears
  10. Say Yes
  11. Say No to things that don’t serve me
  12. Set boundaries + expectations
  13. Disconnect at least once a week from all technology
  14. Make no apologies for things that I have not done
  15. Lift others up, and encourage them on their journey
  16. Network
  17. Learn a new skill or skills
  18. Build a new yoga flow/sequence per week
  19. Try a new recipe each week
  20. Write and publish each week
  21. Set goals, monthly — over achieve them
  22. Leap
  23. Find new tunes
  24. Read a book a month
  25. Facetime friends near and far, more regularly
  26. Send more thank you notes
  27. Go to my grandfathers cabin
  28. Pay off my loans
  29. Spend time at the water
  30. Set up mentorships
  31. Volunteer more
  32. Say hi to strangers

Accountability is key, so putting pen to paper and making the actionable list of items public, I am asking for support + accountability to accomplishing my 32 in 32!