Realigning Your Purpose

Photo by Michael Liao on Unsplash

I do this every few months…I spread myself so thin that inevitably I get physically sick, or realize that I am not present in anything that I do. I struggle with commitments because I am exhausted and worn out. I get frustrated more so with myself, that I allowed this pattern, this habit to continue. If I don’t show up for myself, I can’t show up for others.

These past few months have been emotionally taxing. From Hurricane Harvey, to the sentiment and negative rhetoric occurring in the news, to my friends dealing with various life struggles — I’ve come to internalize a lot of the struggle and have allowed this to exhaust me. I accept that this is ok; and instead of looking it as a fault, I’m looking at it as a strength, an opportunity to realign with my purpose.

The more conversations I have with friends, the more I feel less alone or uncertain about my purpose. You see, we’re all figuring it out. We all are on a path, a unrestricted journey filled with obstacles and challenges that inevitably make us stronger. We may not learn the lesson until well after the fact, and that is ok. My path to realigning with my purpose has consisted of various self-care tactics in the form of a daily ritual. I’ve focused on sleeping well, eating right, saying no to things that don’t serve me, and doing a lot of research and self-study (svadhyaya in Hindu). I am having open and honest conversations with my family and friends around the alignment of my purpose. I’m identifying the people, places and things that make me the most happy. And most importantly, I am showing up for myself more.

The more you grow, the larger the impact you have on the world around you. The more you are open to learning lessons and accepting challenges, the stronger you will become. The more you are passionate about maintaining your self-presence, your self-actualization, you will inspire those you interact with. Energy levels are contagious. Low energy and self deprecation is contagious and draining. Positive and good vibes is uplifting and energizing. Feel, get grounded, and just be. Keep growing, keep aligning, keep intending.