Resetting Your Foundation

A few nights ago I realized, that the past few months have been about resetting my foundation. I say resetting, not restoring, because it has been there, it may have not been as stable as it once was. When you aren’t challenged, mentally, physically, and even spiritually, you begin to feel stuck, lost, and like you’re living in a real life groundhog day.

Since June, I’ve been riding the rollercoaster of the good, the bad, and certainly the ugly. I’ve felt tired, defeated, uncertain, and most of the time I have felt scared. Scared of what could will, may or may not happen. I’ve been living with anxiety of the future, because it stems from what has happened in my past. I’ve completely ignored the present moment, the moment where I am meant to stay centered on what the universe was teaching and providing me. I overlooked many simple things in the present moment, and as I reflect on the past 4 months, I am so fortunate to spend time with friends (old and new). They’ve been there for me on this whole journey (and for years prior), they’ve stepped up their game in reminding me how silly it is to get caught up in the “why me” bullshit of life, and helping me focus on all the good things that I have. I am so grateful and thankful for this tribe, for not only shifting my perspective, but being so authentically real, honest in their needs and live no matter what challenge life throws their way.

Grand Cayman

I kicked off September with a chance to heal by the water. It was what my body was craving, as I needed to find peace and solace in the most clear of places. I spent my time reading books about opening my heart (pun intended), healing, and accepting that these recent frustrations are very much apart of my story. Needless to say, coming home and back to reality wasn’t the easiest. When I got home, I started really resetting my foundation by completing a 10 day detox/reset. I focused on what I was consuming, being super cognizant about what was going into my body. I’ve since continued working on this, and am currently focused on breaking the mindless habits we often create with food. We are triggering a habit or existing behavior that when this thought, feeling, vibe, is awakened, we automatically do this action. I’m still working on finding and exploring the root causes of some of these habits, mostly I know fear is the culprit behind them all. When we are really, truly afraid, is when we are most afraid of living. Living in its purest form, exploring what life has to offer, stepping outside of your comfort zone.

I want to finish out 2016 strong, and continue on my path to healing, to feeling stronger, and more confident. I am focused on the present by constantly shifting my perspective. I want to be my raw, authentic, honest and true self. I refuse to live in the past, or get hung up on the uncertainty of the future.

To those that have helped me out of my rabbit hole, thank you.

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