Risk Taker

Photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash

There’s a high level of complacency in our current world. We’re indifferent, undecided, indecisive, lackadaisical and OK with the status quo. We become stuck within our routines, our habits and our day-to-day expectations to where one day we look up and think, “how did I get here?”. We stay inside our comfort zone, don’t acknowledge or say hello to strangers, stick to a time based schedule, eat, sleep and repeat.

Complacency can lead to lower expectations, a foggy sense of reality, a lack of drive or ambition, and overall anxiety or depression. Stuck is not a feeling. It is a adjective. It is a temporary place used to recognize a state of being we’re in. The feeling of being “stuck” doesn’t happen overnight. It compounds and is exacerbated by the crave and drive to want, feel or be, more. Take a minute, evaluate your day-to-day. Where are you stuck? More importantly, why are you stuck?

After some self-evaluation, I’ve identified the areas of where I “feel” stuck. I feel stuck in my head, my heart, my physical space, the time of year, the season. When I feel this way, I know what I need to do to come out of it: take risks.

I have to challenge myself to create opportunities of growth, read, absorb, educate and grow.

When I moved to Austin, I took a leap of faith. Only knowing my cousin and her husband here, I took a chance. It was where I wanted to be. I felt connected to the city, its energy, and looked at it as a place where I could grow without the anchor of my parents or friends. When I moved many of my friends from home said “I can’t believe how brave you are, I could never do that”. The truth is, bravery never crossed my mind. I never doubted my game plan or my risk I was taking. I just took it. I learned to fly. The neat thing is, to watch and encourage others to take risks and make changes that will ultimately make them happy.

Today I’m working through the complacency and the areas I feel stuck, challenged, or identified areas of grayness. I’ve done a lot of hard, internal work over the past few months to identify them, and more are coming to fruition. I’m focused on absorbing information. I’m in a constant state of learning about topics I am passionate about (yoga, health + wellness, mindfulness, authenticity). I am working through some creative ideas to get me out of my rut of being stuck and complacent. I am making changes.

My friend shared with me a beautiful statement. She said what I truly enjoy will come to fruition because it is my place of my authentic power.


That’s it. I can no longer live an inauthentic or complacent life. I am taking risks and welcoming challenges and change. Accepting that these experiences will have a profound impact on my story, my guidance, my compass.

Find ways to get out of complacency. There’s always an excuse as to why you can’t do something: money, time, resources, commitments. But really, what is the excuse as to why you can do something? There isn’t one.