Year In Review: 2015 In Writing

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2015 was my first year as a freelance writer. It was the first time in my life that I actually started to believe that maybe I could make a career out of this hobby that I love. In the short amount of time I’ve been writing, I’ve had bylines in 25 different publications. In 2015, I published somewhere around 100 pieces.

Since I started tracking in the final three months of 2015, I sent 103 pitches.

  • 28 were outright rejected
  • 22 were ignored
  • 16 are still outstanding
  • 2 were initially accepted, then killed
  • 29 were accepted and published
  • 8 were accepted and are pending submission or publishing

To take a look back, here are my favorite pieces from the last 365 days.

Cosmopolitan: What It’s Like To Have Genital Herpes When You’re Pregnant

April saw my first major byline — writing about having herpes during pregnancy for Cosmo. It’s still the piece that brings the most people to my work.

Ravishly: Dismantling Racism Begins At Home: Raising My White Daughter With Black Dolls

After the Charleston massacre, I responded the only way I know how.

RH Reality Check: How ‘Best Practices’ In Neonatal Care Endanger Mothers Seeking Drug Treatment and Their Babies

My first reported piece was for RH Reality Check in October, about an issue near and dear to my heart.

Marie Claire: I Was An Abuse Counselor In An Abusive Relationship

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I shared this story for MC.

The Washington Post: Trying to like hiking for my child’s sake

November was my first byline for WaPo, in their On Parenting section.

The Establishment: Living With Herpes, In Nine Vignettes

Perhaps my favorite piece of writing that I had published this year.

NYLON Magazine: Meet The Woman Making Lingerie More Queer-Friendly

In my first profile piece, I got to interview Jeanna Kadlac, founder of Bluestockings Boutique.

The Establishment: How Valid Are Criticisms of Alcoholics Anonymous?

I debunk the “science” of Gabrielle Glaser, the non-alcoholic who has become the go-to expert on women in AA.

Bustle: How Leaving My Relationship to Get Sober Saved It

A look at my love story.

The Establishment: The Troubling Erasure of Trans Parents Who Breastfeed

A piece that was rejected by numerous publications found a home at The Establishment.

The Fix: A Trauma Informed Interpretation of AA’s Fourth Step

My first piece for The Fix explored the ways in which AA’s Fourth Step can (and should) be used to help trauma survivors — as well as the ways it shouldn’t.

The Washington Post: When women send unsolicited naked pictures, it’s not revenge — it’s harassment

This op-ed allowed me to get the word “cisgender” in the opening paragraph of a WaPo piece, as well as the word “vulva” thrown in about a zillion times. #smallvictories

The Washington Post: What’s life like with a transgender grandmother? This Boston museum exhibit gives visitors an idea

In my first piece of reporting for the Post, I got to cover an amazing exhibit at the Boston Children’ Museum right before it closed.

Ravishly: I Named My Rapist On Facebook. I Wasn’t Prepared For What Happened Next

In perhaps my most impactful piece of the year, I wrote about the power of social media and watched it go viral.

2016 looks to be a promising year for me. I get to build on editorial relationships I’ve begun to establish this year. It will see me contributing more regularly to some places I’ve loved to write for. It will see me submitting essays for several different anthologies. And I can’t wait to see where else it takes me.

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Originally published at on December 31, 2015.