Coffee with Uri Shaked ☕

& thoughts about live coding, public speaking and tech inspiration.

One of my favorite people to consult with about tech talking is my friend Uri Shaked.

Uri is a Google Developer Expert, a worldwide public speaker and an avid blogger about his techie adventures. He’s super creative and playful with the content he produces, which often has to do with connecting devices to the web, creating cool games or making some cute creatures dance. Not the things I’d ever thought of myself doing easily….

I think that the fact he engages with different technologies than I do allows me to watch his talks, just sitting back, enjoying the show, and learning so much on a tech public speaking perspective (as I don’t have to worry about understanding the code 😉)

A couple of weeks ago Uri gave a talk which had some extremely positive feedbacks all over social media. In that live coding session, he takes an EEG headset, which monitors brainwaves, connects it to the browser, and creates a live demo which reacts to the blinks of his own eyes.

I watched it, had a great time! and had many thoughts and ponders popping in my mind.

As I often do, I asked him to meet me for coffee so I can ask some questions and gain some professional advices. Since our conversations are often pretty insightful for me, I thought to recored it this time. That way maybe others can be inspired and take some note, just as I usually do after the these conversations.

[Find the video here, and a blog post about it here]

This time, Uri shared with me some of his sources of inspiration for creating his talks, some things that excited him, and some things he works on getting better at.

After I was ‘educated’ to stay away from giving live coding talks, we discussed why I should reconsider, how to prepare for it and minimize risks, and what to focus on when planning live demos and tech talks in general.

Thank you, Uri, for this conversation, and for allowing me to record it!

Thank you so much Royi Benyossef for hosting and helping us out!

Fortunate me for these talented, kind and generous friends. 🙏😇💙

This is not a podcast, just Uri and I having coffee ☕. Hope you’d enjoy it too!

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