The iPhone 11/11 Pro Camera And The Best Post-Apple Event Twitter Thread

If you watched the Apple event on Tuesday, you probably had the same thought as the millions of other viewers. All in all, it was pretty boring, lots of so-so updates to already existing products. Most of the updates included things that weren't needed and, true to Apple form, could have been included in the first go-round. For instance, the Series 5 Apple watch’s new “always-on” display provided a feature that watches have been capable of since the 19th century.

Yet in spite of a few underwhelming announcements, the news of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro cameras had tech enthusiasts and Instagram influencers alike ready to set up camp at the nearest Apple store. Not for any of its capabilities as a phone, of course, but as a camera.

Meet the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. With the new Quick Take video feature on the iPhone 11, you can capture photos and videos interchangeably without altering the frame. That means content creators will be able to make beautiful videos from their device and capture promo content in one fell swoop. However, the best new feature is night mode, which turns on automatically in low-light environments and is great for capturing content at all hours. No more excessive light manipulation for evening shoots and hopefully much more effortlessly enchanting photos for your timeline.

The iPhone 11 Pro has a new image processing system called Deep Fusion which takes nine separate images with each photo optimizing the pixels from each to produce the best composite image. Say goodbye to taking a million of the same photo to find the perfect one!

Above all of the applause of this announcement, my favorite thing to come out of this Apple event was this interesting debate via twitter thread:

With the concentrated interest in content and creation, it’s no surprise that companies like Apple are throwing all of their money at the lense. But all the focus on computational photography sparks an interesting question for tech enthusiasts and Instagram influencers alike: are images just data now?

Back in the day of the disposable camera, images were captured by light, a lens, and a shutter. These components came together to freeze a moment in time. These moments were liner and simple by comparison. Now your next iPhone camera isn’t just capturing a moment, it's giving you context through a set of highly sophisticated algorithms and essentially data.

So thanks to the help of some sophisticated algorithms and all of the data your next iPhone can collect, your feed will be a picture of perfection.

Happy snapping!

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