If you watched the Apple event on Tuesday, you probably had the same thought as the millions of other viewers. All in all, it was pretty boring, lots of so-so updates to already existing products. Most of the updates included things that weren't needed and, true to Apple form, could have been included in the first go-round. For instance, the Series 5 Apple watch’s new “always-on” display provided a feature that watches have been capable of since the 19th century.

Yet in spite of a few underwhelming announcements, the news of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro cameras had…

Photo by Ezekixl Akinnewu from Pexels

When the iPhone X launched, and consumers were first introduced to FaceID, it was met with equal parts curiosity and skepticism. Undoubtedly a cool new feature, people still questioned the accuracy and validity of the technology. Less than a year later, facial recognition has become widely accepted as a part of our digital experience. Now facial recognition and A.I. are not only used to unlock our phones, and find friends on Facebook, it’s been adopted by decision makers to inform everything from ad targeting to criminal justice. …

Brittany Atkinson

Writer/Content Strategist/Tech + Social Media enthusiast. I write about tech and innovation.

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