Be You .

As we know the generation we live in , nobody knows their identity but wants to be everyone else’s . So , blinded by those words that is spoken in the music we listen to , the way we fight each other forgetting the roots of where we come from .

so , we understand that we make what’s right wrong and what’s wrong right . get it . we’re fighting a war that’s beating us down , like they did our ancestors . all cause what we can’t step outside of the box without being stoned because of those simple things we are . so we ask ourselves like Miguel , “ what’s normal anyway ? “ all your screaming inside your head is “ I just want to feel like it’s okay to be me “ .

wait! pause. lets try the uncut version . how about we all stop and look at ourselves , like real talk . I’m a Texas kid living the life of the most fortune , should be happy but I’m not , try n go to feel a void but then I make a mistake so I’m the criminal that holds the flaws n the judges are those around me , but guess what ?!

This is me deal with every scar , bandage , every drop of blood , and my transparent pain . I could careless what those around me believe about me you don’t know me ! You don’t gotta waste your time cause everyday from now own “ I’ll spend my time drinking wine “ so , you and your soliders need not to fight the one who isn’t your enemy but who is your enemy is you . I’m a be the next M E im one imperfect , diverse , and dope ass kid . Get your shit together and step out of the box stop calling me chicken when you can’t even step outside your comfort zone but can sit and talk about me n my creation of uniqueness shows who you really are , oops I forgot you don’t know cause you really , really don’t know who you are . Then they might ask you who you are you say I really , really don’t know . Basically getting high off of what society tells you to be but won’t smoke your own THC .

All I’m saying is be the next YOU . can’t say it enough you shouldn’t mess with those who don’t fuck with your flows and goals . You know they say that you hang around , those you attract is who you are . , but if you wanna be real not the authentic depiction of those you are around do that . be the next one to understand “ Too proper for the black kids, too black for the Mexicans Too square to be a hood nigga, too opinionated for the pacifist, too out of touch to be in style Too broke for the rich kids, .. “ I mean all Miguel wanted was to be understood , but all you have to understand is to just Be Who you are .

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