People are only interested in what pleases them, Duh.

People are only into stuff that makes them happy. Don’t you know Brittany? We all want to be happy. Yes, actually I have known that but thanks for assuming my stupidity. People only want to eat the cake if it’s filled with cream. Not just any cream but buttercream (I like that too) if it’s Stacy, not Jill though; Jill won’t eat the butter cream because she likes strawberry jam in the center instead. Actually just last week she discovered she’s allergic to butter. You’re allergic to butter?? No no, she meant the cream. Cream??? Stop attacking Jill, she just doesn’t like it okay. Damn, calm down Brittany.

People don’t like watching horror movies. I personally used to despise them. Want to know why? Because I actually believed that shit for a split three seconds (that was sarcasm too because I believed it for longer than that). I didn’t mess with IT, in fact I avoided taking baths for a while because I wasn’t about to exit the world by the teeth of a stupid clown. I didn’t even realize how much I didn’t like them until I looked back on pictures of my birthdays when I was younger and realized I was throwing a fit whenever a clown was present. Three year old Brittany hadn’t even seen the movie yet and she was already not about it.

Where there is fear, there will never be enjoyment.

Where there is no commitment there will be no sex.

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