Since I enjoy commentating Facebook posts, here’s another (word to DJ Khaaaaaaaled)

I find this to be hilarious. Not actually funny, but more of a sarcastic spin on the word. First of all I think it’s funny that people post things that inspire them, and then forget about them two seconds later. I think that’s funny because the things they choose to remember are things that provoke their anger and sadness. However, if you bring up a debate on mental disorder you’ll have millions telling you it’s not preventable. So I’ll just shut up and get to the second of all that was coming. SECOND of all, I think it’s funny because once you get over the bitterness of my first point and my sass, you’ll soon see how relatable the post is. People get so mad (especially in 2017) when you tell them no. They’re so quick to point out your flaws but the second you find your voice and defend yourself it’s like the would takes it as a personal “F U.” You don’t agree with my religion? How dare you. You’re confident in the way you think? Shut up. You must think you’re always right since I can’t make you insecure. Sit down, be humble Brittany. Oh the motherfucking irony. Everyday I don’t slap you I’m being humble to be completely honest. That also means I must be submitting to a higher authority. Oh wait but according to you that must be a man right? Wait I thought this was 2017? I thought we were all about rebellion? So we’re not? No you’re not, and if you keep allowing the word “no” to make you mad, then you’ve got a whole other level of insecurity issues that you yourself haven’t even discovered.