My writings…

I sometimes lay in bed wanting to expire cause I’m all cried out and tired of trying to figure out this life. See I’m aware of where I been but afraid of where I might end up, cause when I look in the mirror I can see my demons boast up showing me my sins I keep ignoring trying to catch me snoring but my sleep had yet to be restored cause I’m lost in my own story praying to The Father for glory in the midst of me trying to pretend and knowing I’m unworthy I try to cloud my demons with smoke to keep from choking over the iniquities within me wishing for peace to release the stress that cause my distress as I plead for help I’m woke but now I’m searching for rest cause I miss laying on her chest as the night falls and I roll over to a wall tossing to shake the images of her face with my heart racing cause I’m thinking we’ve taken flight and Im not sure if this plane has a safe landing when it comes to walking off with her. She booked her ticket, and I just followed her. Close seats but different heart beats cause now she telling me it can’t be but she steady reaching consoling me expressing what I mean to her like the flight attendant to the attendee being there for her hand and foot was to much love for her and it scares her but I’m not sure if it’s her writings or my writings….

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