Greek Literature Journal Entry #1

Day 1 Assignment: August 23

1. What seems to be most important to Achilles? What is most important to Agamemnon? What specific passages reveal their values to you? Record your answers in your weekly journal.

Agamemnon seems to only be concerned about his self and he seems to have a very headstrong and selfish attitude and makes decisions that only benefit him. Achilles seems to be the opposite and seems to really seek justice.

2. How do Achilles and Agamemnon see their own identity? What I mean is, if you asked either one of them this question, “What kind of person are you?” what do you think their answer would be a why? Record your answers in your weekly journal.

I believe that Achilles believes he is someone who is fair, plays be the rules, and is trustworthy. I believe that Achilles would view himself as that because in Book 1 Achilles is all for helping in the Trojan war and he believes that he rightfully earned Briseis as a prize. Agamemnon, the commander in chief of the Achaen Army, on the other hand is someone who feels entitled to get anything that he desires and he doesn’t have any regard for the people around him. Just like Achilles earned Briseis as a prize he earned Chryseis. Chryseis’s father begged Agamemnon to return his daughter; Agamemnon refused Apollo in turn sent the plague upon the Greek camp causing many soldiers to die. Eventually Agamemnon agrees to give Chryseis only if he can get Briseis, which eventually rubs Achilles, the wrong way and later causes Achilles to withdraw from the Trojan War. Agamemnon felt that he could just take whatever he wanted and he had no regard for Achilles’s feelings or what effect they would have on his life and the people around him.

3. Have a one-hour conversation with someone, by phone or in person, about this question: how do you decide how much a human being is worth? Record a summary of your discussion in your weekly journal entry.

On August 23, 2016 I called my mother and asked her “how do you decide how much a human being is worth?” and she basically told me that worth is all based on ones opinion and perception of another person. A person can believe that they are worth millions and billions of dollars and another person can view them and believe that their worth would be equivalent to $5. Worth is determined based off of your thoughts and feelings for one person, everything that they represent and stand for, and who they are as a person. In order for me to determine how much a person is worth I would have to consider how they have impacted my life, I would have to consider how I feel about them and if they rank high in those areas their worth would increase in my book.

Day 2 Assignment: August 25

On Wednesday August 31, 2016 at 5:00 pm two of my friends and I went to the National Gallery of Art in search of three works of art that speak on the power and conquering of love. Unfortunately by the time we reached the museum it was closed for the evening so we improvised the found three works of art that that in someway serve the first purpose. One of the first works of art that I found was a house. I chose this to be a representation of love because I thought of the quote “home is where the heart is”; this house represents the feeling of belonging, the feeling of security, of comfort, and the feeling of trust. These are all feelings that are components of love and emotions that you experience when being home surrounded by your loved ones or being in a space that makes you happy. The second work of art is a poster that I found plastered on the side of the National Gallery of Art. I chose this piece as a representation of love because the photo features a host of people that are basically coexisting amongst one another. When I think of love I think of sacrifice, selflessness, and teamwork. The women in the picture look as if they are all fulfilling a certain task and that their task is beneficial to the people around them. The third work of art that we spotted was the words “Amor” stacked on top of each other. Amor is translated as meaning love in Spanish. I chose this work as art because of its literal meaning. I feel that love is a universal feeling and universal language so this work of art represented the bilingual translation of love. On Tuesday our class discussion was based around the topic of love. One of the questions that was asked was “how do you describe love?” my peers chimed in and stated that feelings of security, protection, trust, folly, nutriment, and selflessness are all feelings of love. They also stated that love is irrational and it conquers anything rational and compels us to behave in certain ways. Love has power of your emotions, your morals, your way of thinking, and many times your actions.

“Home is where the heart is”
Picture #2
“Mi Amor”

Tuesday August 30 we discussed the power of love and what it feels like to experience love in the class lecture. We discussed books 2–4 in the Iliad. My favorite scene so far is in book 4 when all of the gods were summoned together to discuss the Trojan War. We also discussed book 3 lines 146 as well. Later that evening I went through the courses of events that occurred in books 1–5 and wrote notes on them to prepare for my test on Thursday.

Wednesday August 31 I finished up my journals.

Day 3 Assignment: August 30

1. What is your understanding of the term “hero”? What do heroes typically do? What do they look like? What do they wear? What are their values? Has someone ever written a poem about your type of hero? Why or why not?

In my opinion a hero is one is selfless and does things for the benefit of the people and things around he/she. A hero does not have to have a specific look or dress code. A hero can be tall or short, fat or thin, black or Asian it all depends on the circumstances and the scenario. A hero does things for the greater good and often times does not seek recognition or credit for doing those things. My biggest hero is my mother. She is the epitome of a strong and independent woman. She is everything that I hope and pray to be and she has a lot of people who depend on her. A poem has not been written about her yet but I intend on being the one to change that.