It’s 2017 and it’s time to get cultured.

Black. White. Muslim. Christian. Mexican. Latino. Buddhist. Chinese. African-American. These are nothing more than identifiers. They don’t give insight to who we really are, our passions or our careers. They are just labels….

But, lately a lot of people are having a hard time seeing past that.

Following President Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, there has been a huge uproar regarding cultural and social acceptance. Racial stigma has heightened world wide as he talked about building a wall and sending people back to their countries.

Why is there is there a huge bubble of negativity and where does it stem from?

Race does not exist until it is created or enforced by human behavior. We are raised knowing about race from our ancestors. More importantly, posts on social media singling out a racial group only fuels the fire to make the topic grow bigger. Yes, Black Lives Matter, but so do Muslims, Hispanics, Chinese, etc.

Race does not make one superior over another. We need to stop seeing each other in color and see each other for what we really are. We are all the same, regardless of how you identify yourself. We are all struggling Americans who face the simliar issues. We are all in the same boat, whether it we face poverty, homelessness, health care, or student loans. We are fighting against societal problems, creating more complications that do not need to exist. We judge what is socially acceptable and what is not.

It is time to have an open mind to others. It is time to get cultured, because at the end of the day, we are all Americans. It is up to our generation to end the war on racial stigmas. Changes from “Make American Hate Again” to “Make America Great Again” are necessary by standing together to make the world a better place. #wallthatunites

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