This is War

When I found out the Donald Trump became the United States of America’s 45th president, I was astounded. Well actually, appalled is more the accurate word. I was in a state of disbelief and all I could think was no no no this is not happening. To ease my worries and my fears and escape the reality I knew existed I drank like a sailor. Its rare that I EVER become overly intoxicated with alcohol, but that night I didn’t care. I didn’t want to believe that Trump could ever run the country that I live in.

When I woke up the next morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I literally felt terrified of what the country that I live in would become. Would I become a refugee? What would happen to the LGBTQ friends and family that I love? What would happen to Muslim american and immigrants that have made this country their home?

Would my rights as a woman be taken away? As my male co-workers formed a group chat and started sending, grab her by the pussy to celebrate the victory of their candidate, I began to fear my place as a woman in a male dominated workplace even more. Was I going to be sexually attacked by a man or have more harassment because the men in my office look up to Trump like a model citizen?

The unknown is what scared me the most. What was Trump going to do? Could he really take away everyone’s rights and build his bigot wall between USA and Mexico? What could this bigot, racist, foolish, unworthy and shame of an American man do to Americans and immigrants?

All of these questions roamed through my head and then many of my fears began to come true. I checked social media and all I could see was chaos and fear in thousands of posts. Muslim women were being threatened and getting their hijab ripped off. Black people were being called niggers, getting told to sit in the back of the bus and being told to go back to Africa. Hispanic people were being told that they would be deported and threatened with building a wall.

So much evilness and chaos among Americans.

When I was 12 President Obama was elected as the 44th president. From age 12 and up non of this racist violent shit was promoted by our president but highly shamed and discouraged because he preached EQUALITY.

Donald Trump preached DIVISION and that is exactly what he received. he received an openly DIVIDED NATION that had been silenced for 8 years that has just come back out in the open. The people of the United States have had this ugly hatred and prejudices in their hearts but could not vocalize their beliefs unless they had a man in a high position of power that they believed AGREED WITH THEM.

Of course I am pissed. DONALD MOTHER FUCKING TRUMP is trying to take away people’s rights to practice their freedom of religion. Specifically Muslim Americans who practice Islam. Just because of a few people’s actions does not equate to all people who practice Islam being apart a terrorist group.

When a white person shoots up a school you don’t ban all white people from schools but you try to ban people who practice Islam from the country? Are you fucking kidding me? How ridiculous is that?

Many of my elders have seen my posts and tell me to relax and chill out because everything will be okay because THEY have lived through this before. They have had racist, sexist, and unqualified candidates before.

Well guess what older generation, I HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE.

I am 20! I didn’t start paying attention to what the hell an election was until I was a teenager just as many teens do. Children don’t always understand every aspect of an election so the next 4 years will fly by, but for my, I AM YOUNG. I AM 20. I just voted for the FIRST TIME in my life. THIS IS NEW TO ME. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE. THIS IS MY TURN TO FREAK OUT AND PANIC BECAUSE THE WORLD I WAS BROUGHT UP IN WASN’T A WORLD WHERE DONALD TRUMP RULED.

In the end of course I know that I can’t do shit about Donald Trump being president. I have the right to worry. I have the right to hope everything will be okay. I have the right to voice my opinion about my concerns. I know that all I can do is hope for the best and hope that hopefully Trump doesn’t fuck up our country and hurt the people inside of it.

He will never be my president, but I’m stuck with this selfish piece of shit for the next four years. All we can do as a nation is get prepared for our rights to be taken away and then fight like hell once they are or try to prevent them from being taken in the first place. But Donald Trump, this is war between right and wrong. Your code of ethics is fucked up and millions of Americans are willing to challenge it so be prepared.