Possibly Marco’s Biggest Endorsement to Date

Senator Marco Rubio may have just snagged the most significant endorsement of the 2016 race: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. With South Carolina’s primary only days away, the popular governor’s endorsement may legitimize Marco Rubio to many undecided South Carolinians.

Governor Haley has been pegged as a likely vice presidential candidate due to her rise to prominence in the GOP political scene. This rise was largely in part to her successful handling of the aftermath following the tragic shooting in Charleston, a successful State of the Union response and strong conservative credentials.

In the state that she governs, she has been popular for a much longer amount of time. The current two term governor won by a 14% major in her race for re-election. Her name is truly important in South Carolina, and she certainly has the name power to sway voters towards the Rubio camp on the day of the primary.

With Senator Rubio in a tough battle with fellow establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and John Kasich, this endorsement will certainly pull some of their potential voters away from them. Jeb Bush has already been on record as saying that her endorsement would be “the most powerful meaningful one in the state.” Nikki Haley joins Representative Trey Gowdy and Senator Tim Scott in endorsing the Senator from Florida. Considering the amount of support that Rubio has garnered in the state, he will be a forced to be reckoned with in these primaries.

Governor Haley will also be joining Senator Rubio on the campaign trail until the day of the primary that will only further help set him apart from the other establishment candidates. This is a great coup for Team Marco!

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