5 Ways to look and feel like the smartest person in the room. (C’mon you know you always wanted to.)

By Brittany Granstrom

Intelligence is sexy. Its plain and simple, and most of us agree. We all know that one person who seems to just present themselves and say all of the smart things. Unfortunately it takes long amounts of time and hard work to bring up your I.Q. Today you're in luck, there are a few ways to present yourself as a smarter person, and it doesn't take a college degree.

  1. Read- It sounds simple, but the evidence is there. People who read more typically are smarter all around. Reading has become less popular over the years as the internet evolves, but it is still an important tool. The books you choose don't have to be long novels about Aristotle and chemistry, they can literally be about anything if you just read the gosh darn words. Also, it is proven that if you are eating something like a mint, or some chips, your mind will better retain the information.
  2. Watch Documentaries- If you absolutely despise picking up a book and reading, then watching documentary's may be just the right thing for you. Almost every person under the age of 35 has a Netflix account now a days, and the amount of documentary's are endless. Just like with reading, it really doesn't matter what one it is. The information alone could potentially be used in a future conversation. Also the information might inspire you to dig deeper into the topic. You never know, you might end up loving baking cakes so much that you end up baking wedding cakes for the rest of your life. I am sure it has happened.
  3. Download a Daily Dictionary App- Something that I have noticed that has helped me tremendously with my word choice and grammar lately is downloading a dictionary app. These apps send you a word every singe day, and they are usually hard ones that you probably have not heard of in your life. Then it shows you the definition, and at the end of the day quizzes you on the word. The quiz at the end really helps it solidify in my brain, and now I can impress my friends when I tell them what conflagration means and use it in a sentence.
  4. Talk louder and with more gestures- Confidence is key in most cases. Using a louder tone with less pauses and plenty of gestures shows that you are using your brain to create continuous thought. Also use different inflection in your voice.
  5. Fake it till you make it!- The best advice I can give you is fake it till you make it. Stick to things you are an expert in when trying to impress someone with your intelligence. The reason for this is you can never go wrong. But, faking it is fine too. If you start acting like you know all about the presidential election, but only talk into great details about one of the vice presidents hobby's, chances are the person you are talking to will believe you. And who knows you might even start believing yourself.
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