No More Clowning Around: a certified gang fights for a peaceful reputation

By Brittany Granstrom September 26, 2017

Ms-13, Bloods, Crypts, and the Insane Clown Posse “Juggalos” all have things in common. They are all made up of people with similar passions and interests, they are all considered gangs by the Justice Departments gang intelligence center, and they are all harshly judged by their violent actions. But should they be judged by the quantity of violent acts or the specific acts themselves.

This month the “Juggalos” held a peaceful protest in Washington DC to promote their family values and their non gang like behavior. The Juggalos are a group of people who are dedicated fans of the band “ The Insane Clown Possee”. In 2011 they were chosen to be labeled as a gang by the Justice Department. The reasoning behind this was due to technical violent acts taking place in this decade.

One of the violent acts had to do with a man cutting the pinky of a woman off with a machete, and then proceeded to drink her blood. The other act was when two men branded a man forcefully because he supposedly mocked the group. This caused the group to get a bad reputation for obvious reasons. The group of fans believe that they are falsely represented by the few that have been violent. Th protest this month was peaceful, and full of families showing their pride by wearing red and black.

It seems like there is a pattern going on in our world today. Large groups of people, whether they are religious groups, or gangs, are judged by their minority’s. A modern example would be Muslim people. Unfortunately they are being judged by radical muslims, giving their entire population a bad reputation. People need to be better educated about the majority instead of judging by the minority. The “Juggalos” hope the protest this month helped to make that clear.