“Tea” Is For Tuesday

I’ve taken an idea created by the Dementia UK charity and adapted it for my own purposes. “Time For a Cuppa” is an initiative created by the United Kingdom’s charity devoted to Alzheimer’s research to raise money for their cause. The “Time For a Cuppa” campaign challenged residents of the United Kingdom to bake goodies and stock up on tea and host parties where they enjoyed their cakes and cuppas in honor of Dementia UK. At the parties, friends got together and enjoyed tea and conversation and made donations to the charity, which is their main annual fundraising event.

Seeing as how one of my dearest friends is a tea freak, I thought the Time For a Cuppa idea could work as a friendship initiative too. So I thought about it for a few minutes, then spent way too long drawing a logo for my idea. (I should have just used a pretty font. It would have looked more professional…but no, I drew the whole thing.)

The premise is simple. Set aside one Tuesday a month to connect with your friends. It can be one friend or you can have a whole party. The main idea is to sip tea and have good conversation and stay in touch with your pals. In my case, I plan to keep in better touch with my friend and learn more about tea in the process. I even went online to David’s Teas and bought some fancy, tea-snob level tea to sip. While we talk practically every day, my hope is to make a cup of tea and actually talk on the phone once a month to stay connected. During this time, I invite my friend to educate me more in the art of tea-snobbery.

As a southerner, I love tea. I drink it regularly…but I drink ICED tea. Plain old Lipton iced tea sweetened to an absolutely sinful level. You know, like a real southerner. With Tea is for Tuesdays, though, I plan to drink a cup of hot tea. Like a genuine British person or something. So, the cup of tea is just a nice front for ensuring I stay in touch with my friend/friends. Giving us an excuse to talk at least once a month, instead of just relying on text as our sole means of communication. That’s inexcusable. All good friends should try and talk at LEAST once a month. That isn’t asking too much for a friendship. It doesn’t even have to happen on a Tuesday…it just sounded catchy…so I’ll aim to make it a Tuesday event.

So, if you have any friends you wish you kept in better contact with, give “Tea” Is For Tuesdays a try. Brew yourself a cup of fancy-schmancy tea and give your pal a call once a month, once a week, whatever works for you. Sip your tea and catch up on the latest goings on in each others’ lives. Talking is a lost art like letter-writing these days. I’m hoping this silly little initiative helps bring a little conversation back into my life. And a lot more tea.

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