2018 aims and aspirations (and beyond)

For this new year I will be a mom and a general new person. With this being said, I think today of all days it is important to re-focus and strive for success in several different aspects of my life.

For health, I will be trying to minimize caffeine in take. Soda is such a bogus beverage, and there are so many other/better options for quenching my thirst. I will try to opt for tea over coffee. I will try to exercise more regularly, which will become more attainable once I have this baby in March. I also hope to never pick up another cigarette again. I have not smoked since finding out I was pregnant, but I hope to continue the trend after my baby comes.

Education wise, I will be making it my goal to read at least one book a month and to vary my reading and expand my interests. My advisor said that I can potentially graduate with my bachelors degree in two years, so this Summer I will be going back to school and working my butt off to finish up my degree.

For the soul, I will try to eliminate toxic thoughts. I have allowed myself to get into a slump of negative thoughts leading to a lack of productiveness in my growth as a person. With this being said, I will try to limit my napping, more so once baby comes and sleep schedules even out. I will try to lead a life of kindness and heightened productivity. Furthermore, I will try to take a photo a day, even if just on my iPhone.

Also, I would like to support local. I will try to make it a goal to shop locally more frequently and support my local “artists”, whether that be musicians, writers, artists, et cetera.

So here is my list, not just for this year, but for the next several years:

  1. Stop drinking pop
  2. Exercise more
  3. Never smoke another cigarette
  4. Finish my degree
  5. Read more
  6. Think and act kindly towards myself and others
  7. No more long naps
  8. Take a photo a day
  9. Shop locally
  10. Support local “artists”

Here’s to 2018, becoming a mom, and being a kinder, gentler, healthier person.

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