I once was afraid of who I am, and what I’m destined for, but no more.

I will exert my full potential because I AM worthy of the title; I AM worthy of the status. I will take what is mine, what belongs to me, and what is meant for me. I will accept credit for my talent, and all the hard work I’ve invested.

I’ll no longer degrade myself to mediocrity, by passing the trophy off to someone else because I considered their feelings and desires, or because I’m terrified of being in the light…because I’m terrified of my own excellence.

I used to be afraid of who I am, but my fated desire for success grew so strong, that I can’t just merely exist the way I did. Simply knowing I’m better than those above me doesn’t cut it. I must start doing and proving. I must grab hold and take ownership of the success that has been laid out for me; because only then will they see. Only then will I finally be me.

It’s in this superficial existence that I’m forced to play this stupid game in order to be relevant. Because then, and only then, will my superficial desire become reality.

What scares me the most is that I AM cut out for this- this artificial fantasy I call life.

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