Introductions are hard and I’m just going to be honest, I’ve never been very good at making them. Raise your hand if you also dread the moment your turn comes every time there’s a “go around the room and state your fun facts” situation. 🙋🙋🙋

Yeah… There’s a reason my preferred method of communication is writing.

Yet here I am, introducing myself as a writer to the Medium community. First, let me delve a bit into my life.


We all have to eat, and good, tasty foods are typically the preference. You know the meals or snacks you sell are worth paying more for. With true culinary skill and impeccable food quality, there’s no reason your customers shouldn’t also recognize you to be the best choice. Well, except for the fact that maybe your marketing isn’t quite at the level it should be.

To make sure you’ve got plenty of diners to continue to please with your culinary capabilities, take advantage of the six top marketing tips just for you:

1. Lock Down on Your Brand First

Nowadays, websites are no longer just for the big boys. Even your small business can make it and see real success online. So, why don’t you have a website by now?

Do you doubt the necessity of a website for a business as small as yours?

Why Does Your Small Business Need a Website

Sure, not every business truly needs its own website. You may be doing just fine selling through close connections or within your physical location, without any need for the advantages the world wide web offers.

On the other hand, the benefits of a website for your small business may be too good for you…

When you decided to start your own small business, you made a big decision. You didn’t know what the future would hold, had no way to know whether you would find success or not. You simply believed in yourself and your dream enough to take the leap of faith and make it happen.

And you did! You created this! So just because you hit a bump in the road every once in a while doesn’t mean you can just throw in the towel on your dreams.

This is your business. …

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

Life isn’t a perfect journey from point A to point B and then on to point C, but we sure do get it into our own heads that it’s supposed to be.

You see, there’s this myth about creating the perfect life almost every single one of us grow to believe. The myth reaches into every possible area of one’s life — family, friends, career, love, etc. — making us believe that there is a perfect “ending” for us where each one of these life spheres in concerned. …

As a small business owner new to the wider realm of all that marketing can be outside of word-of-mouth efforts within your personal network, it can all be a bit confusing and even pretty overwhelming. Here’s one concept that doesn’t have to be difficult to understand: using “content” for marketing purposes.

Here’s the simplest way to understand this content that you will be putting to use for your brand:

Content — an item of any media type that offers something relevant and truly useful to your target audience, regardless of whether or not it relates to your products/services

Check Out These Content Examples

Your small…

This last year has taught us all that even the very best plans for a new year with a fresh start can turn out anything but how we’d hoped. Small businesses, especially, have had it tough. With necessary shut-downs and other changes to the way you do business, 2020 just may not have been your year.

After all that we’ve been through, it may even be a bit difficult to stay hopeful. Still, a new year is upon us and we simply must move forward. …

There’s simply something uniquely special about this time of the year. The weather is changing, growing ever more colder, even here in Texas where I live. Even more noticeable than this, though, is the approach of all the winter holidays. Everywhere I look, I can see lights and other decorations and whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or simply a consumer, we all notice that extra push to sell.

This season tends to bring about just as much commercial endeavors as warm, fuzzy feelings. …

Welcome to the very middle of the Christmas season! I am so happy to be here with you during this time of joy, celebration, and shopping. Oh wait… Shopping…

If you are a small business owner, this time of the year likely has so much more meaning attracted to it.

For all the entrepreneurs out there, this is the time of year when you can make sure you’ve really hit all the right marks in earning your sales. As customers are out there busily filling up their online shopping carts and anxiously ensuring that they haven’t missed anyone on their…

There are so many different business ventures that an aspiring small business owner can pursue, with so many products and services out there for you to claim as your specialty. One option that many find success through is homemade goods. For the small business owners chasing their entrepreneurial success through a business based on selling homemade goods, crafting is much more than just a hobby.

Perhaps you are one of these individuals who make a living selling your hand-knitted garments, unique toys, or other custom-made crafts. Investing into this as a serious entrepreneurial endeavor, you may put countless hours into…

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