Why RV Part Shop is the Best Online Source for RV Parts and Accessories

Brittany Line
Aug 8 · 5 min read
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Some people are passionate about art, or their pets, or their favorite sports team. Richard Gastmeier, founder of RV Part Shop, is passionate about RV’s — specifically, RV parts and accessories.

Richard founded RV Part Shop in 2013. He wanted to pursue something he was passionate about, but he also wanted to solve a problem: there was no simple way to purchase RV parts and accessories in Canada.

“I was an RV owner and I found that I couldn’t get parts online in Canada. There was just no easy way to buy them.” -Richard, owner of RV Part Shop

For years, Richard had to get creative to acquire parts and accessories that he needed for his RV. He was working in the music business at the time and had offices in Toronto and Buffalo, New York. Whenever he travelled down to Buffalo, he would arrange to have items for his RV shipped to his office there, and then he would drive back up to Toronto with the supplies.

Richard knew there had to be a better way for himself and fellow Canadian RV owners to get high-quality RV parts and accessories. After doing research and finding that there was no business out there to properly suit the needs of RV lovers in Canada, he decided to leave the music business behind and open RV Part Shop.

After selling in Canada for awhile and becoming increasingly popular among Canadian RV owners, RV Part Shop knew it was time to offer a convenient solution to RV owners based in the United States as well. So, RV Part Shop expanded its operations across the border and soon became a huge success in the United States. Since first expanding into the U.S., RV Part Shop has grown from having one U.S.-based warehouse to having seven warehouses across the country that house millions of RV parts and accessories.

RV Part Shop strives to be the best online source for RV parts and accessories for both Canada and the United States. Whether you’re a brand new RV owner or have been in the RV game for years, chances are RV Part Shop has something you need. In fact, they currently have over 40,000 different RV parts and accessories available for purchase.

Need an air conditioner to keep cool in your RV? RV Part Shop has you covered.

How about an RV water heater? Sure thing.

Need a refrigerator to complete your RV kitchen? No problem.

What about replacement fabrics for your RV’s awning? Yup, they have that too.

RV Part Shop even carries products for all of your RV towing needs, from weight distribution hitches to jacks to fifth wheel hitches.

In addition to carrying a wide variety of products, RV Part Shop also strives to carry a wide variety of brands. With over 100 brands to choose from, there’s no need to worry about not being able to order items made by your favorite one. Whether you want a new RV awning from Carefree of Colorado, a new RV cover from Adco Products, or perhaps RV roofing materials from Dicor, RV Part Shop can get you what you need.

While their huge catalog of products and brands is one of the main reasons that RV Part Shop is the best online source for ordering RV parts and accessories, their top-notch customer service is what truly seals the deal.

Since RV Part Shop is strictly an online source for RV parts and accessories, they are able to service their customers in ways that traditional brick and mortar stores simply can’t. While those dealers are focused on moving large, expensive inventory, RV Part Shop is just focused on one thing: the customer.

“We get people calling us all the time saying that their local RV dealer didn’t have a hard-to-find item in stock and couldn’t be bothered to find the part elsewhere for the customer. When we get those calls, we almost always have a ton of it in-stock and can have it shipped to the customer the very next day.” -Richard, RV Part Shop owner

Since Richard is a passionate RV owner himself, his company has been able to adopt a “by RV owners, for RV owners” philosophy — meaning that they truly understand what their customers need and do everything in their power to make sure each and every customer chooses the right products to suit their unique needs. Having RV experts at the helm of their customer service team has paid off — RV Part Shop has continued to double sales year-over-year.

But Richard doesn’t consider their impressive sales numbers the most rewarding part of his job. In fact, his favorite part about running RV Part Shop is simple: helping customers find what they need.

“When a customer calls in needing an item that’s particularly difficult to find, it can be a challenge. But I welcome this challenge. I figure out what they need, and I find it. That’s the most rewarding part of my job.” -Richard, RV Part Shop owner

To browse the tens of thousands of RV parts and accessories offered by RV Part Shop, you can visit their official website.

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