A Bar Worth Trying

It’s 1:30 on a Friday night and the bartenders look as though they don’t want to kill themselves. The waitresses are tired and the last of the customers are finishing up their drinks. 
The atmosphere of the bar however, has not changed. 
To me, that is one of the things that make a good bar. A good bar isn’t a chain. It’s owned by one person and everyone knows who that person is. They know their regulars and they aren’t even bothered by them. In fact, the bar thrives on their company. Tuesday nights wouldn’t be the same without them. 
Everything is served with a smile and they’re actually genuine. Nothing is a backlash and everybody feels motivated. When someone cracks a joke, the majority of people laugh. 
A good bar should feel like the show Cheers. A standard that isn’t impossible to reach. When you walk in, you feel like Norm, you feel important. You should be having fun, not just waiting for your drinks or your friends. A good bar keeps you entertained in a way that you want to be an alcoholic. The bartenders take the drunk questions with stride and the waitresses don’t feel attacked. A good bar is like your wine drunk aunt’s house. You can’t wait to get there because you know she is going to give you booze. Of course, you don’t have to pay for it there.

Local bars or “independently owned” bars are where you go when you want to have a good time listening to music or maybe even comedy. The local bars are some of the only places left that willingly support local musicians (or again, comics). They share the same cause. Okay…maybe it’s not the cause that is the search for a steady pay but, the cause that is being noticed. Let’s be honest, if you are in “the biz” then you would know that the only way of getting out there is by spreading your name across the board (remember: bad publicity is still publicity but make sure you have made a good six figures before acting like a dick to everyone). Local bars are aware of this struggle because they aren’t a part of the marketing chain that corporate has. To support music is what helps local bars create their good name. Supporting bands give bars their homestyle charm. They create an environment that makes you choose that place to go to celebrate your birthday. It’s where you buy a pint with everyone after work and drop the worries that you gained throughout the week. 
If you are going to go out with friends for an evening than the best places are these. The places where everyone involved has the same goal somewhere in their mind. It’s to make people happy. If you don’t believe me then go listen to a band, talk to the musicians afterward and tell them how good of a job they did. The joy on their faces is what makes everything worth while.

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