Sex. What Goes in What Now?

What is love without sex? I still don’t quite understand it. Fair, I know it better than I do flirting. Isn’t that kind of screwed up? That we understand the dirty much more than the subtext of a compliment? Flirting goes one or two ways. Sex or a date that would end up to be sex at some point.

I have a little more to say on this subject because “I’m not a virgin but I’m not a slut either” (White Chicks 2004).

My understanding of the matter is that sex sucks but, it’s also one of the greatest things out there. I mean, who doesn’t like being penetrated by the guy they thought was attractive at the bar? Or by their significant other? Also, can we take in the fact that the most disgusting words in the English language have something sexual attached to them? Like, ‘penetration’ and ‘moist’.

In my honest to God opinion, sex is f*cking weird, okay? Attraction in general is weird. Basically you find someone attractive you flirt(?) a little and then next thing you know, you are both stark naked in one of your apartments or you are on a date that will turn into you both being stark naked in one of your apartments. Either way, sex is a strange animal behavioural instinct thing that is just well, strange. Biologically it makes sense, I guess? I mean we have these chemicals that go through our head that rush towards your bottom half and it makes you feel all tingly inside until they…go inside… Also, isn’t it strange that we aren’t sexual beings at all until puberty? Like, you are just a strange thirteen year old going to bed one night and then you wake up feeling all…horny? But, when you are thirteen you have no idea that you are horny, you just have some sudden urge to jump the bones of that kid who was disgusting to you sixteen hours earlier.

I’m not a sexual person. Maybe that’s why I’m not getting laid left to right but, I choose not to be laid left to right. It’s not stupid. In my opinion, I don’t want forty different sexual partners. If you have forty different sexual partners then, good for you. It’s just not for me. I mean, I still don’t want to see myself naked. Mentally speaking, I shouldn’t even be having sex. 
 But, hey. If you want some advice on sex then guess what, you are reading the wrong book. Like I have mentioned many of times before, I suck at giving advice and when I do you shouldn’t act on it until thinking about it later on. Okay, so here’s some advice:

Go have fun. Go have sex. With one person or with multiple people, who the balls cares? Go experience the world intimately. Have sex with people in different countries. Isn’t that what studying abroad is for? To experience the world in an intimate way? (By the way, if you are uncomfortable with the word ‘intimate’ then get over yourself and grow up).

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