Tequila- My First Heartbreak

Brittany Pyatt

Have you ever heard a song that made you instantly think of someone? Makes you remember the good times? The bad? Or does it just make you think of them?
I was in the car recently with a friend of mine and we decided to blast our local country station (and yes, I like country. There are gems in every genre) when, all of a sudden, this song came on. Just a current hit that is circulating the charts these days and I got hit with a wave. The song reminded me of someone.
You see, I’ve been let down so many times and have just been generally hurt. It’s a process that we as humans go through. But, this song, made me realize that I wasn’t just hurting, I was for the first time in my life…heartbroken.
It reminded me of the great times, the fights, the passion, what I was opened up to and why I let myself have feelings again for someone. It also reminded me of how I felt when it was over.
Overall I have found that heartbreak just plains sucks and bottling up the pain and the emotion isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.
I now have so many questions I need answers to. Questions such as: Does the pain stop? Will I forget these feelings? How long will it take until I feel fine? Because right now, I am not fine. Do you forget the good times or do you cherish them? Is it okay to feel this way?
Obviously, I knew that I had to open myself up to heartbreak at some point in my life. I was prepared. I was prepared for that Bridget Jones’ post break up montage of eating ice cream and crying. To drown myself in wine and just stay in bed with the cats.
From what I’ve learned, you will never be prepared for having your heart broken.
That person’s name is always going to cross your mind.
But, I’ve decided to thank him.
Because of him, I’m not afraid to open up to someone anymore. I know now that there is someone who will take care of me when I have my bad days because they want to. Because of him, I’m okay to try new things and to not be scared to relive some moments.
It sucks.
But I am thankful for that song to come on the radio at that perfect moment. I can move on and be thankful for the good times and I will always have that song.

Brittany Pyatt

Written by

Kitchener based. Comedian. Writer. Actor. Model. Musician.

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