The Truth of One Genre

Romantic Comedies. 
We’ve all watched them. We’ve all laughed at the woman falling flat on her face in front of the man that is so clearly the main love interest or watching her be a fool in front of him. Maybe we’ve all cried during the downfalls in the movie and during the scene where the woman realizes that she isn’t married to her work because she wants to be married to him or he confesses his love to her because he realizes that he isn’t emotionally unstable when she is around. 
These movies are idiotic and I can’t get enough of them. I am jaded, cynical, sarcastic and have spent my life building up walls so that no one can crash them down but above all that, I am still a hopeless romantic. I live through the fantasies that I build in my mind. How I am at the bar and I drop my purse and as I go to pick it up, our hands touch because he wanted to pick it up for me, we lock eyes and the moment was created. You know the moment. It’s when your eyes meet and you both smile. Maybe there’s a laugh as well. 
Romantic Comedies or “rom-coms” are the greatest movies for emotionally damaged people like me because the characters perfectly depict what it’s like to be you. 
The woman. If she starts off as single then she is married to her job. If she starts off with another man then she is in a safe relationship with a man that criticizes her but it doesn’t matter because he is financially stable. 
Let’s face it. These movies are geared towards women just like regular romantic dramas (ex. The Notebook). So that’s when we get to the man…
The man is funny. He is charming, handsome and edgy. He is a rebel and is so clearly different then all the men in the world. But, since these movies are “for women” then the man has a flaw. So this is where we get to the conflict. That women either gets the man to change or she realizes that that flaw is what she is in love with the most. Maybe the man in a player (see Life as We Know It) or maybe the man has an addiction (see Sleeping with Other People). 
I find the problem is that I love these movies way too much. If it’s a Friday night and I have no plans, I grab a bottle of wine and put on a romantic comedy because I am in need of some light humour and maybe a cry for the false hope that I created in my head about romance. It’s these movies that are, in a way ruining the way I look at romance. How many times have you watched one of these movies and the two leads are friends in it that throughout the 90 minutes, figure out that their other friends were completely right and that they are in love with one another? It happens so many times in these things. Not saying that they do happen in real life. Anyway, the woman and the man usually are sitting on the couch, watching a movie and then they break the fourth wall by talking about the fake world that is a romantic comedy (see Friends with Benefits). That is what they do to rope you in, creating the thought in your head that it too can happen to you. 
I don’t think I will ever stop being a hopeful romantic but, there will always be that part of me that might never be satisfied with the way things might turn out. I’m not saying I want a man to meet me on top of the Empire State Building (see Sleepless in Seattle) or to meet him in a chatroom (see You’ve Got Mail). I don’t even want the man to run to me in the airport to try to stop me from going to whatever country it is I am flying off to. I’m saying that the way these movies glorify romance are why I might only be looking forward to only huge gestures. 
I still have my hopes up. I think I always will. After all, these are hypotheticals but it doesn’t change the fact that this the truth behind the genre.

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