June 20 marks the start of summer and brings forth fresh opportunities

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Brace yourself for spring’s mayhem on May 29 through June 22

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Doing nothing may cause creativity

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Niksen: The art of doing absolutely nothing

7 steps you can take right now to decode your dreams, according to dream psychology.

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Consider spending more time idling and less time doing.

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Although intoxicating, they’re never meant to last

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Although a karmic relationship may be new, you can’t help but feel like you’ve been here before.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

I can allow anxious thoughts to exist without identifying with them.

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My anxiety can be summed up…

The New Moon happening on August 18th offers rebirth to all who honor it

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What the New Moon means for you, and some rituals you can practice to maximize your experience

Brittany Beringer

Spirituality, love, and metaphysics written through the lens of a twenty-something. Twitter & IG: @irlbritt

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