24 hour Blabs

Blab Daily Digest

August 16, 2015


There is a continuing trend of joining Blab, realizing a day has passed, and then formally scheduling a 24 hour Blab.

Pushing Blab limits. It’s hard to say with a straight face, “I’m not addicted to Blab” after creating your own 24 hour long show, bringing on some new comedians onto Blab, and more wonderful cooking use cases of Blab! I hope you had a chance to catch some of it!

Day 1 on Blab, schedule a 24 hour show!

Moritz jumped onto Blab only 1 day ago, and decided to test the limits with a 24 hour Blab! Here’s a dorky moment where everyone seems to have the same glasses on:

You should schedule pop-ins to your 24 hour Blab to stay away!

He even had Daria Musk jump into his live stream and perform a mini concert for everyone in the room! Check out this clip from her performance on instagram!

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