What can get you banned on Blab?

#theblabway goes over the community guidelines. Each situation is handled case by case.

How do I start a Blab?

Here’s a quick step by step!

Can I Blab by myself?

You can, but we don’t push out Blabs until at least 2 people are blabbing. Blabs are conversational and wouldn’t be much fun if you had to have a conversation with yourself! 2–4 people make a Blab. :)

How do I invite someone to a Blab?

Once you’ve started your Blab the quickest way to get someone to join is to send them the URL to your Blab. Once they’re in the Blab they’ll see a join button in an open seat, and can “call-in.” You, as a host, will be able to accept or reject their request. If multiple people request to jump in, you can choose who jumps in.

Why wont my camera start?

You might need to accept camera/mic permissions.

An awesome Blab user, Mike Downes, has made a quick video tutorial to help change your settings. :)

There’s a tiny notification under the address bar. There’s also a little camera icon in the address bar, and you can try changing the output and refreshing the browser.

Blab works best in the Chrome web browser, or Firefox. Currently, it does not work on Safari.

Can anyone jump in on camera?

Anyone who signs in with Twitter can request to jump on camera, but they must be approved by the host.

Are Blabs saved?

Blabs are saved only if you put them “on the record.” If you record them it’ll live in the URL in replay mode.

What are these hands?

🙌 These are a way to give props to someone on camera. You like what they have to say? Give them some props!

Do the props accumulate between blabs?

They do not. Props live in a Blab, and start over for each Blab you jump in on. Props to help a host gauge how the audience feels about what they’re saying, and aren’t used to value you as a quality Blabber.

What are the slash commands for the chat?


/question or /q to call out a question.
/topic to change the topic
/shrug or /tableflip to express yourself. ;)

How do I find other Blabbers?

Right now we make sure if any of your twitter followers on Blab, you’re following them when you join Blab! Right now there is no search feature to find users, but you can access their profile by going to blab.im/brittanymetz.

Are all Blabs public?

Yes. All Blabs are public! Because they’re public, there are very authentic moments where someone you did not expect jumps in to the show because the topic was relevant to them.

Can I make a private Blab?

No. You can lock seats in your Blab to control who can speak on camera, but the conversation is open and public.

Can there be more than 4 people?

No. You can not have more than 4 people.

Why only 4 people?

We’ve found 4 people is the ideal number to maintain a fluid conversation. It becomes difficult to hold a conversation with anymore than 4 people at a time.

Can I schedule a Blab?

Yes! Scheduling a Blab is just as easy as starting one. Step by step.

What if I don’t show up for a Blab I scheduled?

Life happens. We give the host a 15 minute grace period before the scheduled Blab disappears. If you’re running late, feel free to just start it when you arrive.

How do I find previous Blabs?

Right now you can see some replays of Blabs if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. We know this isn’t the best way to find blabs, so we are reorganizing the way content is sorted. You can always go to the @TeamBlab twitter and click through old Blab links, and if it was recorded you can view the replay at the same URL.

Can you send direct messages on Blab?

You cannot send direct messages through Blab, yet. It is something we would like to add shortly.

What happens when I subscribe to a Blab?

When you subscribe to a Blab we will notify you when it starts via e-mail or desktop/iOS push notification. You can change your settings on blab.im.

Why am I getting so many notifications?

When you follow someone on Blab, we notify you when their Blabs go live. We are working on cutting down the amount of notifications, but if you go to your profile on the home screen, you can edit your notification settings.

How long has Blab been out?

Idea formed mid April, 2015. We are a baby.

Is there an iOS app?

There is an iOS beta app. If you go to blab.im/iOS you can beta test the app. It’ll be in the iTunes store very shortly.

What about Android?

Blab.im works in mobile Chrome web view on Android devices right now.

How do I get in touch with Team Blab?

You can DM us on twitter at anytime, or @ mention us in a Blab chat. We’re all over the place at all times, so we’re fast to respond.

@TeamBlab, @brittanymetz, @ShaanVP, @FurqanR, @viktorrohlin, and @jake946 are all very quick to respond!

Blab FAQ 2.0

Recording Questions:

How long does the Blab URL replay last?

Recorded Blabs last until the end of time! Currently, a replay will be available to anyone who clicks through to that link.

Where do I get the recording?

Once you’re done recording your Blab and the host has ended the Blab we send an e-mail to the e-mail account you used to sign up.

What format do I get my recorded Blab?

You get a raw mp4 (video), raw mp3 (audio), and an embed code.

What happens when I pause/ “go off the record?”

When you pause a recording it’ll cut that from the recording and final replay. We stitch together the whole Blab without sending you multiple video clips.

What’s the purpose of going off the record?

Sometimes conversations get a little off topic, and it’s okay to just strike it from the record, if you will. There are times you start to get a little personal and share a story that you don’t want to live on forever, so those are some “off the record” moments that only your live viewers can hear. Still keeps a bit of FOMO alive.

What if I forgot to record? Is the content gone?

Unfortunately, yes. When Blabs are off the record, we do not save them.

How long can I record?

You can record a Blab for up to 6 hours!

Who owns the content?

You retain all of your rights in all of the User Content you transmit via our Service, so long as those rights do not infringe any third party rights.

Blab has basic rights to the content so we can do things like, have it show up on blab.im, use clips as marketing material, and add clips in press releases etc. :)

How do I get Blab swag?

We like to send swag to people when they do something awesome, are really active, or just at random. You can fill out your information in advance so when something awesome happens we can send it right away!


The Swag Fairy might have given you a secret password, which you can enter here: I have a password!