What’s Blab All About?

Oh hello there!

Things to know:

  1. We’re crazy active on Twitter, so don’t forget to follow @blab.
  2. We post about feature updates and user stories on the Blab Daily Digest. Make sure to subscribe!
  3. If you have any technical problems live on Blab type @help into the chat! If it’s less urgent here are the ways to contact Team Blab:

What’s Blab All About?

If you follow me closely on Twitter (@brittanymetz) you already know. You might have heard someone mention that they’ll be doing a Blab.

How are people using Blab?

Live AMAs, company transparency, public phone calls, workshops, interactive webinars, workout sessions, cooking lessons, launching products, launching new features, breaking news, having transparent company talks, comedy talk shows, podcasts, company town halls, casual conversations, and much much more! Here are some more examples of how it’s being used.

Breaking sports news announced first on Blab!

How to Host a Blab:

I’ve made a slideshare to show you how you can host a Blab.

What are people doing on Blab?

Here are some examples of how it’s being used.

You can also embed schedule/live/replay Blabs on your website/blog:

Community Manager:

You’ll see me around a bunch.

Blab: @brittanymetz Twitter: @brittanymetz


Shaan & Furqan can also be spotted all over Blab, and they’ll drop some knowledge almost anytime they’re online. I would strongly recommend following these two on Blab.

Blab: @ShaanVP Twitter: @ShaanVP
Blab: @FurqanR Twitter: @FurqanR


Feel free to comment with how you heard about Blab, or what you’re excited to do on Blab! Happy to have you join! ❤

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