Early Blab Whiteboards

Brittany Metz
Aug 11, 2015 · 3 min read

Some early brainstorms and thoughts that lead to the creation of Blab.im (formally known as Riano)

What if we brought back the idea of radio show call-ins in video form?

First whiteboard brainstorm on the idea. We made a “lame” “fkn cool” list to determine if this idea was worth exploring.
We “barstormed” all of our worst ideas to make sure we weren’t missing anything.
We each mapped out what “Bebo Talk” would be in our own minds, and then compared notes and mixed cool features.
This is probably the most informative brainstorm we did in the whole two week sprint.
The original owl logo has survived. He was a bit thinner in his original conception.
Viktor mapping out the different personas of potential users.
Building time. Whiteboards were just used as timelines. We made our timeline backwards so success was the first thing we saw everyday.
“Feels” and “telling a little bird” were silly little copy ideas that have stuck with Blab current day.
The visual capture of our Riano presentation to the Bebo team

Riano becomes Blab:

We had an old app we were working on we called Blab. After shutting it down when Riano was pitched, we realized Blab was the perfect name for the product! I have now named the Blab owl Riano.

The owl was colorless until we reconnected with the rest of our team in the Bebo office. :)
Where do Blab conversations fall?
Host your own talk show! Draw on all the tables!
Riano the owl, looking fly af.
We’ve come a long way in a super short amount of time. I hope you’re ready for what’s next!

These whiteboards and screenshots are very early ideas and concepts I wanted to share with people on Blab today!

Brittany Metz

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