I’ve been in L.A. for a year.

1 year ago I was laid off from a fancy tech startup in San Francisco. It was the day before that I was planning my exit to Los Angeles from a tattoo chair in Berkeley.

My first job was a 2 week contract job at Tinder making some cute stickers that never saw the light of day.

“wtf, brittany. I thought you were moving to LA to do comedy. You’re just doing the same ol’ shit.”

I KNOW. I’ll get there.

I broke up with my boyfriend and I cried in a hammock (this isn’t important I just look really artsy and hot in this photo):

I got really into zoodles the the summer of ’16. Believe it or not people thought the fact that I made my own zoodles hilarious. This wasn’t the level of comedic genius I was hoping to reach, though.

I was a loser with no friends for maybe a hot minute. I make friends pretty quickly. If you’re reading this it’s likely we met in this last year, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Heyyyyyy, she is good at making friends. I wonder if she considers me a friend.” The answer to that is, only if it will leverage me in a conversation with someone else who I am trying to court into friendship.

The first 3 friends I made in LA were from UCB’s level 1 improv class. They were hilarious and also far too beautiful to be my friends. When I realized they would forever be prettier than me, it was a true test of our friendship. ❤

Evan, Alex, and Bre.

Also side note: I went to a halloween party as a classic TP mummy, in which there were actually 2 girls who showed up as sexy mummies:

I got a job working with an ex boyfriend’s roommate I knew back in SF. It was that moment that we realized we were the funniest people alive. ALISON MY BEAUTIFUL STEP SON. I pushed her ass into comedy and she can never leave.

UCB is pretty huge, so I tried to find a theater with a tighter vibe similar to Endgames in SF. Josh Fadem suggested I check out the Pack.

I took the Pack’s sketch 1 class and met my comedy sister, Havana. I highly recommend it. You can’t have Havana, though. She’s mine.

We started writing sketches together after class and making videos even though we’ve never really had experience doing any of it and came up with Dad Magic. I had a Jewish holiday off at work and we went to the beach, and then we became each other’s personal slaves to comedy.

The best part about trying to make stuff in LA, is everyone wants to make stuff. I went through a bit of an open mic phase, and had some good shows and some awful shows. Literally the worst shows that should never have happened. If you ever want to feel bad about yourself spend a night surrounded by a bunch of pissed off old drunk male comedians.

Here’s me posing in front of some comedians like they’re a hot sports car:

“Hey, that sort of sounds like you’re finally doing comedy…”

I have no idea what I’m doing, I just know comedy has to be part of my life. So I’ve spent this whole year trying things out. I wrote a spec for Superstore, obsessed over it, hung out in the writers guild library referencing their Act structure for the show. After 4 drafts I put it to rest and started a spec for Broad City. I read in some book that once you write a spec you should write another, so I did.

I literally don’t understand anything I’ve done on stage in the past year:

BUT NOW I’M BORED AGAIN, and I don’t think my cockroach street art I’ve been working on in Snapchat is going to take off, so I should probably focus my energy on a different project.

The last two are pretty political and deep.

I kept going with my comedy experiments creating a parody MasterClass. Mixing comedy and design makes me feel somehow productive. I’ll be revamping this whole series in July.

I started using my awkward drawing style to make posters for shows, which reflecting on was a huge mistake because comedians are poor and I end up working for free a bit too often.

As much as I want to just give up design forever and focus 100% on comedy, I realized that’d be foolish.

Recently the bad girls (Havana, Alison, and myself of course) adopted Jany into our writing pockets. She is forced to write weekly or we will emotionally bring her down. That’s the way of the bad girls.

In May I responded to a vague post in a facebook job’s board about graphic design and animation. A few days later dorky animations I made were on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show:

I also got to edit a dick pic she was texted in the morning, and became known for my excellent pixelation work.

A joke that was made outside with Courtney Paige Barnett turned into a festival focused all around La Croix:

That only happened because everyone wants to actually make shit. Everyone follows through on their bits.

Okay, so it’s been a year. Now what?

I’m packing my shit up and moving it into a storage unit. I’ll be living on Alison’s couch for a month. We’ll be working on a new series:

Do I have any idea what I want to do with comedy yet? No, but I’m having fun and I love where I’m at. I also decided to start a personal YT channel to upload embarrassing videos of myself, future short series like MasterClass, Cool Ways 2 Jerk It, etc.

I’ll also being pitching a show with Havana in July. Lineup coming soon:

If you want to follow the dumb shit I’m doing while I try and figure out what I love the most, subscribe to BM’s Tube (final title) or follow @brittanymetz.

Also, I’ve met so many people here that I can’t spend my whole blog post listing the 100+ new people I’ve met and how they’ve inspired me to keep being an idiot. Just know that you did. If you’re ever bummed and need someone to go to your show, do an open mic with you, or just write shit with let me know because I hate when people are sad and I love to make stuff.