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August 19, 2015

Two awesome Blab users, Jocelyn and Marc have put together an Ultimate Blab Guide. Because we’re still in beta, it hasn’t left much time for creating how to guides. Fortunately, our community is kick ass and made one for us! Check it out here: The Ultimate Guide to Blab.im

Because you guys are so amazing, we’d love to get your feedback and suggestions heard! Submit any feature requests here!

The Blab community is building this platform, and you’re all doing one hell of a job! I know it feels crazy, but we’re building Blab for you. We hear your feature requests, but I thought we should organize it a bit better so you can see other feedback, and vote up features requested!


You suggest features, and up vote things you were already thinking of.

​I personally go through all requests, combing duplicates, and responding personally to all requests. Just to make it easier I’ve come up with some codes to give you a sense of where we stand with ideas:

we love it — these are ideas that we really do love. we go to bed at night dreaming of the day these features will exist. we break off small feature chunks so we can roll them out quickly with huge impact. We hear these ideas, and actually love them. We can’t give a timeframe one if/when they will exist.

coming soon — these are ideas that we plan on adding. They’ve passed the “puppy love phase” of features, and we’re planning on adding them… soon.

in the works — we are working on it right now! I can’t give you dates that they will be released, but I can promise you the devs are working as fast as they possibly can.

it’s live! — I go through and edit products that exist. When this happens you know it’s a direct result of your suggestion. No voice goes unheard, but not all ideas get built, so you should feel wonderful when this happens!

not likely — yeah, this is probably a really cool feature idea, but it most likely doesn’t fit in with the vision for Blab.

declined — we will not be building this feature.

I bring up products you request every Monday in our product meetings. :)

Request some features!

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