Is the meat industry so critical to the American way of life that it’s worth risking people’s lives for?

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Look no further than the refreshingly down-to-earth emails sent by this bakery in Colorado

A family business, Boulder County Bakery Moxie is setting an example of how to communicate during a crisis.
  1. First, he started limiting the number of customers in the store.
  2. Then better signage and markers on the sidewalk every 6 feet.
  3. Finally, he opened a special no-contact pick-up window.

We’ve all gotten this advice, but people often misunderstand how to execute on it. Let’s clear it up.

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7 Lessons from a year of job hunting and starting my own business in a crowded industry.

Man at a Pride parade wearing a denim jacket that says “Born This Way”
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How this one mantra transformed the way I see the world and became the best piece of advice I’ve ever received.

Man walking down the center of the road, Monument Valley
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7 ways to manage “eco-anxiety” and avoid the despondent feeling that we’re all doomed.

An unseasonably early dusting of snow on the Colorado mountains
October 11, 2019, Boulder experienced record-low temperatures followed by nearly 4" of snowfall.

We can all learn from cats, who use a ninja move called the “righting reflex,” to re-orient themselves as they fall.

Kitten in a tree
Photo by Jarkko Johan Söderström on Unsplash

7 ways ultramarathon running has transformed my personal and professional life and can change yours too.

Descending into the Grand Canyon via the South Kaibab Trail at sunrise.
Running down South Kaibab Trail at 4 am, the beginning of the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim ultra. Photo Credit: Jed Salazar

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I write about marketing, entrepreneurship & the environment. Like a good Millennial, I drink my coffee black and love avocado toast.

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