My 2017 Coding Journey — #100DaysofCode


To start this year, I will be taking part in a 100 Days of Code Challenge. For more information on that challenge check out this blog post by Alexander Kallaway. The challenge will be a great way to help get me started on my 2017 coding journey. The plan is to expand on the coding challenge and learn everyday this year. I will commit to Github daily and I will also be posting a weekly summary blog post here on Medium.

My experience with coding started when I was I the 8th grade. I taught myself HTML and CSS making guild pages for an online game and dabbled with coding on and off in the years after. Starting in November 2016, I started to get serious about learning how to code again. I will be following a few guides and tutorials during this challenge, which will be listed below in the tools section.

Previous Knowledge

I am going into this year with some knowledge of HTML and CSS. In the last two months of 2016, I started to learn Javascript and Ruby.

I’ve been working on courses from Codeacademy, CodeSchool, Treehouse, Udacity, Khan Academy and various free bootcamp prep courses and other online tutorials. I am currently working through Free Code Camp, this web development guide and Launch School’s Backend Prep Course.


Below are a list of the tools I am currently using. As my journey progresses, I am sure more will be added to the list.


My first project will be to create a website to house a simple calendar. This calendar will track my daily coding activities as well as list all resources that I have used, events I have attended, the number of projects I have completed and how many hours I have spent learning. It will basically be a visual representation of my logs in the 100 Days of Code repository.

In the meantime, I will list the estimated activities for the first week in this introductory blog post.

Week of January 1st:



  • Javascript: You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going
  • Javascript: Free Code Camp Javascript Exercises
  • Project: Code Journey Calendar
  • Meetup: Introduction to JavaScript (Thinkful)
  • Publish Introduction Blog Post





Github: Twitter: @musicalwebdev

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