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here is the thing, i had to get a medically necessary abortion at a clinic like PP. the baby was already dead and the sack was decaying and causing infection. it was a very much prayed for and very much wanted child that unfortunately died. it cost 500 dollars. a few years later, i was able to get pregnant again and immediantly got on passport and wic. because of unforeseen financial uphevels. 1 jar of 12.7 ounces of formula (i can no longer produce breastmilk after 4 months) is about 17 dollars here. i get ten jars a month. ten times seventeen is 170 a month. 1 year of formula that i get free from the government (paid for by tax dollars) is about 2,000 dollars. wic is about 50 dollars if i get everything on it so that another 600 a year. so i get free food and free formula from tax payers for about a year. so thanks for giving me your money to feed my kid.

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