A little political Facebook rant.

Facebook is getting to be too Hobbesian for me to handle.

The lack of order, the overflow of information, and our inability/lack of time to decipher what is fact and fiction, is leading to some ugly behavior from people. We are sharing, posting, commenting from our primal instincts, throwing caution to the wind when it comes to order and cooperation. This leads people to always be on the defense. Endless entertainment and information constantly at the tip of our fingers; we have no bounds to it. We’ve been propelled into unfamiliar territory, and we don’t quite know how to conduct ourselves for the greater good yet.

I’ve always been a person with a hopeful view on human nature. I believe cooperation among humanity is possible, though I’m open to hearing different theories on how to make that happen. That doesn’t mean I’m naïve enough to ignore the atrocities that have, can, and do happen because of the ugly aspects of human nature. What can happen when we act out of fear, hate, greed, etc.

I’m scared of our culture. For many reasons. Wealth disparity, corrupt government, and biased media are all things that plague us. But what terrifies me most is that the people who are hurt most by these are being pinned against one another and it’s working. We can simply not let this happen.

With the unfathomable amount of power that technology brings us, all that rises to the surface is misinformed opinions, mindless entertainment, and inflammatory, divisive rhetoric. People are not conscious of the weight of their posts. The way we interact with each other on these social media sites is shaping all of our thoughts and perception every single day. YOU have it in your power to fill people with either hope or fear; knowledge or falsities; compassion or hate; understanding or ignorance; insights or distractions.

I am disappointed in my fellow people on the left side of the political spectrum, because we are the ones who are supposed to hold the value of cooperation. That is arguably the biggest value of leftist politics, and what I am seeing the least of. (Of course, not entirely. People who are trying to be productive and enlightened in this time, I see you).

I absolutely hear the argument that people are brought to the point of violent rebellion because of the oppressors. That is not what I’m speaking out against here. With any productive act of rebellion in the past, though, there were underlying values to stand for and goals to be obtained. We need to aim for enlightenment when trying to make this world a better place. We need to be disciplined in our approach, act from our values, and never lose focus. We cannot live our lives enraged by things on the internet, when we are not even sure of their validity.

I will always advocate for speaking out against wrongdoings. But I will not stand on moral high ground, spewing accusatory venom at anyone who mildly disagrees with me. I just can’t live my life that angry.

SO how do we aim for enlightenment in the post-truth age? What can we do? If you do not have any ideas right now, no need to comment. If you need to put the phone down and THINK. For the country’s sake, for your sake, and for my sanity’s sake, THINK.

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