Stopping That Hungry Bear From Eating The Serfs Would Be Unfair To All The Barons Who Already Outran It

Brittany Van Horne
Apr 23 · 2 min read

Now, let me start off by saying: I’m in total agreement that this hungry-for-human-flesh bear that has overrun our land sure is pesky. And I’d even go so far to say that I think we should do something in the future to stop additional bears from coming to wreak havoc on the serfs. Now, what we should do about that, I don’t “know,” per se. But what I can tell you is that the proposal to get rid of this current bear would be unfair to all of the dedicated barons and nobles who have worked so hard to outrun it.

A lot of people think I hate the serfs just for being serfs, and I definitely don’t. But this proposal to eliminate the bear who is eating them and their children just strikes me as shameless pandering to the lowest and most vulnerable class in our feudal system. Myself and my other baron friends have been working tirelessly for years to be born into wealth and inherit ownership of a military that could protect us from intruders, like bears. Have the serfs even tried just being born into a more powerful class?

In addition, a lot of us nobles have used our plentiful food supply to grow big and strong and become fast runners, capable of outrunning bears. And many of us have already outrun the very bear that’s now being proposed to be eliminated. If we get rid of it now, it kind of feels like we did all that running for nothing. And that doesn’t seem very fair! Sure, the majority of the serfs have such little food that they can barely survive, let alone be in peak physical shape enough to outrun a bear. But if they can’t afford to eat enough to survive, maybe they should have considered that, before being born into a town where bears existed. Have they even considered just moving to a land without bears?

I don’t just say it because of my very close relationship with the king — I really do think our current system works. And I’m very interested in keeping things fair for everyone, especially me. But it’s particularly important that we let people like myself be the judge of what is and isn’t fair. The serfs have a very warped perception of fairness, what with their poverty and lack of power.

Brittany Van Horne

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